ANC 7E Minutes for January 10, 2017



Meeting Date: Jan. 10, 2017

Uploaded on: Feb. 17, 2017

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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7E
District of Columbia Government
5001 Hanna Place, SE Suite B
Washington, DC 20019
Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2017
I. Call to order
Commissioner Emerson called to order the regular meeting of the Advisory
Neighborhood Commission 7E at 7:20pm on January 10, 2017 at DC Scholars Public
Charter School, 601 E. Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20019.
II. Roll call
Commissioner Emerson conducted a roll call. The following commissioners were
present: 7E01 Benjamin Thomas, 7E02 Linda S. Green, 7E03 Ebbon Allen, 7E04 T.N.
Tate, 7E05 Ashley Emerson, 7E06 Dontrell Smith, and 7E07 Linda Holmes.
III. Election of Officers
Commissioner Emerson was nominated to represent the commission as Chair,
Commissioner Allen was nominated to represent the commission as Vice Chair,
Commissioner Smith was nominated to represent the Commission as Treasurer, and
Commissioner Holmes was nominated to represent the commission as Secretary. All
commissioners seconded the motion. The motion was adopted 7-0.
IV. Approval of December’s Meeting Minutes
December’s Meeting minutes were unavailable to be approved. Current commissioners
will attempt to retrieve from past commissioners for submittal to the treasurer’s report.
V. Treasurer’s Report
Balance of December 2016 is $66,437.39.
VI. PSA Reports
a. PSA 603
Report read by Commander Taylor. Violent crimes are down.
b. PSA 604
Report read by Commander Taylor. Residents were encouraged to not leave visible
items in their cars to prevent break-ins.
VII. Official Reports
a. Councilman Vincent Gray’s Office (Ward 7)
Leticia Atkins, Constituent Services Rep presented an update from Councilman
Gray’s office. Councilman Gray hosted the Ward 7 Summit that took place
December 3, 2016; and the outcomes included a 51 initiative report they are
working to complete.
b. Mayor Bowser’s Office
Ward 7 MOCR, Kevon Miles updated constituents on the Mayor’s Walkthrough
and her concern with avid addiction in the neighborhoods representing 7E. An
abandoned ATM was removed and building repairs for Benning Park Recreational
Center are in place. Commissioner Allen will lead the efforts in following-up with
Mayor Bowser’s office.
VIII. Unfinished Business
Rocketship Academy Resolution was made 7-0 in opposition of support to build the
new Rocketship Academy in SMD 7E02. All 7E Commissioners signed a resolution to
oppose the build of Rocketship Academy.
IX. ANC Single Member District Reports
7E01: Commissioner Thomas updated residents about the Mayor Bowser’s walk-
through conducted alongside Commissioner Allen.
7E02: Commissioner Green provided an update on the status of Rocketship Academy
and asked for the support of all 7E Commissioners to oppose the build of the school in
SMD 7E02. T the residents who live with 200 feet and directly affected this decision.
Commissioner Green
7E03: Commissioner Allen scheduled a walk-through with Mayor Muriel Bowser in
SMD 7E01 and 7E03 in December. The Mayor was pleased with certain specific streets
however she became really concerned about multiple shootings that are occurring in
both 7E01 and 7E03. Mayor Bowser’s team followed up with the removal of the big
ATM that was once located in front of the 24-hour convenient store on the 5000 block
of Benning Road SE. Mayor Bowser also observed a big increase in vacant buildings
along Benning Road, H Street, Hillside Road and Hanna Place. Constituents also
observed plenty of loitering in the community. Commissioner Allen has observed little
progress with 6D Police visibility around Hanna Place, H Street and G Street SE.
Former great Georgetown Hoya Michael Graham gave JW King 4 desktop computers
and one printer. JW King Senior Building is looking for programs to be implemented
for seniors in our community. Commissioner Allen is looking for residents
can contribute your time to our seniors. Harris ES are searching for committed and
dedicated male and female mentors for grade levels 3rd through 5th. On the 500 block
of H Street, a new business THEOS Chicken and Waffles opened in January.
7E04: Commissioner Tate developed and disseminated community assessment surveys
for 7E04. She also attended the A regarding use of Fletcher-Johnson for 7E04 with
plans to schedule a community meeting with hosted by the Deputy Mayor of Education.
Commissioner Tate began outreach with neighbors to develop and implement plans to
form a neighborhood task force group for 7E04. Assisted senior neighbors with
accessing senior service through Office of Aging. Tentative meeting scheduled with
partners to discuss Carver Terrace 2000.
7E05: Commissioner Emerson updated residents regarding SMD Walk-though with
Kevon Miles, Ward 7 MOCR. The main concern was the Short-term Family Housing
site location and its proximity to drugs, alcohol, and loitering. Based on feedback from
nearby residents, Commissioner Emerson requested alternative location from Mr. Miles
and DCRA for consideration. Dumping and abandoned properties were also a major
concern through out the SMD, which DPW resolved. Open cable wires, as well as
missing sidewalks were considered safety hazards and addressed with the appropriate
7E06: Commissioner Smith updated his constituents about the events that occur during
the winter period. There was toy drive for C.W. Harris where each student in the school
was able to receive a donated toy. He also met with the business owners on Central
Avenue about increase security presence.
7E07: Commissioner Holmes has discussed the increased crime with liquor store
owners on Central Avenue and working with 6D to resolve.
X. Community Assessment Surveys
Commissioner Tate presented the Community Assessment Surveys to survey the
residents of 7E in regards to their satisfaction with crime, economic development,
education, and neighborhood vibrancy. Residents completed the written survey and
returned their feedback to the commission for review. The commission will review all
feedback and provide updates during the SMD Update portion of the February 14th
XI. Adjournment
Commissioner Emerson adjourned the meeting at 8:47pm.
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