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Meeting Date: April 14, 2014

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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D
Minutes of Business Meeting – April 14, 2014
Held at DCRA Conference Room, 1100 4th Street SW, Washington DC 20024
Roger Moffatt, Chairing
The Commission convened at approximately 7:04 p.m. The following Commissioners
attended the meeting: Roger Moffatt (chairing) David Garber, Rhonda Hamilton, Sam
Marrero, and Rachel Reilly-Carroll. Absent: Andy Litsky. ANC staff position is vacant.
1. Approval of the Agenda (Commissioner Garber), Motion to approve agenda by Cm Garber, seconded by Cm Cloyd. Motion
passed 6-0-0
2. Announcement of March meeting & Appointments to committees. Appointment of Michael Mills to represent 6D02 to ABC
Committee. Meeting announcements – Gene Solon on energy related concerns. Commissioner Marrero announces
Wednesday May 16 Southwester fundraiser and Washington Castles to present at May meeting. Commissioner Reilly Carroll
announces Duck Pond event on May 8 , library calendars and SW Dog Park “leash cutting.” Commissioner Hamilton
announces unveiling of Greeleaf Rec Center re-design plan on April 22 . Naomi Mitchell, representative from Councilmember
Wells office, announces Councilmember Wells office hours moved to Safeway Starbucks. Bob Rubenkonig offers thank you for
th rd
cooperation during April 5 fireworks festival and May 3 Cherry Blossom Festival.
3. Approval of March minutes, Commissioner Marrero motions, with amended date, seconded by Cm Cloyd, motion passed 6-0-
4. Letter of Support for Appletree move to Jefferson Academy. Presentations heard by Principal Gordon and Appletree board.
Principal Gordon – no space inside Jefferson due to new programs. This is DPR property, not Jefferson property, therefore not
used by Jefferson Middle. Trailers need to be gone when renovation begins. Clarity exists between Appletree and Jefferson on
importance of renovations. Gordon insists that Jefferson is flexible, but collaboration must remain smooth and that renovation
Anne Villon – chief of schools for Appletree public charter school – supports trailer plan, we see it as transitional, working with
PN Hoffman to occupy place in Wharf, support renovation of Jefferson and want to be seen as a good partner to Jefferson and
community. Question on trailer at other locations? Response: trailers not done anywhere else, but this would be one modular
Cm Marrero motions to amend language “Appletree’s portable classrooms are temporary and shall be removed within two
years of Summer 2014 or the start of Jefferson renovation whichever comes first; portable classrooms could be renewed after
two years if renovation is postponed; Appletree briefs community upon exit plans after one year of Summer 2014; Appletree’s
presence shall not negatively effect in any way the renovation plans of Jefferson Middle School” – 4 in favor, 1 against (Cm
Cloyd), 1 abstained (not recorded whom).
Cm Carroll makes the motion (further amends original amendment to ensure temporary nature of set up, encourage exit plans,
and not disrupt renovation of Jefferson Middle School) Marrero seconds. 5 in favor 1 against (Cm Cloyd).
Cm Moffatt calls for vote on twice amended motion. 6-0 in favor.
5. Stan Wahl head of real estate at Metro – update on Navy Yard chiller site joint Development solicitation. Several possible
developments being considered (residential, commercial)
6. BZA 18760 – Channel Square Use Variance, Non-Profit Office in R-3 Career Team, w/ Dep Employment Services & Channel
Square Housing LLC.
-Nancy Huff, principle of Somerset Development Company. Want to “regularize” commercial designation, which will effect
ability to get financing for renovation of Channel Square.
-Moffatt and Hamilton advocate for commitment from developer to commit to non-profit, support services in space, but not
to be reflected in letter, as zoning cannot advocate beyond “commercial office use”
-Cm Garber motions, Cm Hamilton seconds, vote in favor of recommended BZA letter 5-0-1 (Cm Carroll abstains).
7. GSA L’Enfant Plaza property exchange. Environmental assessment public scoping meeting April 30th at SW Library,
Exchange propsosals likely done spring 2015, actual exchange could begin 2017. Buildings concerned are GSA at 7 and D
Streets SW and Cotton Annex.
8. Race for Hope-DC (Brain Cancer Cure), 5/4/14 at Freedom Plaza -- Margaret WelshCm Moffatt motions for approval. Cm
Marrero seconds. 6-0-0.
9. Comment on Zoning Updates, parcels on South Capitol that will have no heigh limits and no PUD process. Cm Moffatt motion
to communicate urgency of zoning commission to respect PUD zoning process. Cm Marrero seconds. Vote 3-1-1. Cm Garber
opposes and Cm Cloyd abstains.
10. Arthritis Foundation Race Street Closing. Cm Moffatt makes note of issues of route on as being on Capitol Riverfront BID and
Navy Yard. Cm Moffatt motions, Cm Cloyd seconds. Passes 6-0
11. Tour de Cure, Ride to Stop Diabetes – Cm Marrero motions for approval. Cm Garber seconds. Passes 6-0.
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12. Army Ten Miler on October 12, 2014. Cm Carroll motions for approval. Cm Marrero seconds. Passes 6-0.
13. ABC Committee Update, Michael Letschin Vice-Chair, no show.
14. CON Home Dialysis Training Facility, 1225 S. Capitol. Stacy Queen and Karen Lovitch request support to SHPDA for
operations of Daveith Healthcare Partners / Leighton Dialysis LLC. Cm Hamilton Motions, Cm Garber seconds passes 6-0.
15. Letter to DCDOEE re Anacostia Toxins Removal – from CM Garber cc’ing DC Mayor’s Office, DC Council. Cm Moffatt motions,
Cm Hamilton seconds. Passes 5-0 (Cm Marrero temporarily absent.
16. Letter to DDOT re Pedestrian Safety on I Street SE – South Capitol to NJ Ave. Cm Marrero motions for approval, Cm Cloyd
seconds. Passes 5-0, Cm Moffatt temporarily absent.
17. Letter re CSX Tunnel – Cm Garber motions, Cm Marrero seconds, passes 5-1. Cm Moffatt opposes.
18. Chairmen’s report – none
19. Treasurer’s report. Cm Carroll – ending balance of $4313.72 as of March 31.
20. Community Concerns – Bill Schickler concerns on traffic and smog. Adam Benson on SW Library Park concerns. Laura
Clarkson on lack of RPP’s for new residents at skyhouse. Gene Sobelson on Electricity concerns.
The commission adjourned at approximately 9:12 p.m.
Minutes prepared by Sam Marrero Attested by: Roger Moffatt
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