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Meeting Date: March 10, 2014

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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D
Minutes of Business Meeting – March 10, 2014
Held at DCRA Conference Room, 1100 4th Street SW, Washington DC 20024
Roger Moffatt, Chairing
The Commission convened at 7:06 p.m. The following Commissioners attended the meeting:
Roger Moffatt, (chairing), David Garber, Stacy Cloyd, Andy Litsky, Sam Marrero, and Rachel
Reilly Carroll. Absent: Rhonda Hamilton.
1. Approval of the Agenda (Commissioner Moffatt), moves to approve agenda as amended by Cm Moffatt, items 8 (Development
Transportation and Planning) and 9 (Temporary Plan for M Street) removed, Motions 12c (Letter to Tim Dennee waiving any
required notice of the M.A. hearing)and 12d (Letter to Deputy Mayor of Education, Requesting aid with finding Appletree
location in ANC 6D) added, seconded by Commissioner Marrero. Motion passed 5-0-0 (Commissioner Litsky absent until
2. Announcement of April meeting (Comm. Moffatt) Chair moves, seconded by Cm Garber Motion passed 5-0-0 (Commissioner
Litsky absent until 7:29pm).
3. Meeting Announcements: Bob Rubinkoenig of PN Hoffman Group announces Cherry Blossom Firwork Festival, SW
Community Gardens March 22 Garden Build Day, Anacostia Riverkeeper April 3 Fundraiser at Nando’s, Energy Meeting at
Harbor Square – Gene Solon, Bob Schiffler on Demonstration Against Wharf Project, and Navy Yard Neighborhood
Association First Meeting at Ostea Morini.
4. Approval of February Minutes. Commissioner Marrero motions, Commissioner Garber seconds, passes 5-0-0 vote
(Commissioner Litsky absent until 7:29pm).
5. SW Library New Manager Karen Quash introduction. Karen comes from Cleveland Park and Francis Gregory Libraries. Karen
addressed library programs and library construction across city.
6. Marine Corp marathon proposal. Commissioner Garber Motions, Commissioner Carroll seconds, proposal passes 6-0-0.
7. DDOE shares information about Anacostia River Sediment Removal Project. AWI presents powerpoint presentation on study
and project. Tim Fields shares historical and technical plan for decontamination. Questions include: what came of requested
copy of community involvement plan and study for SW Library? Question: what else has been done for community involvement
study? ANC was apparently sent an email by DDOE. Commissioner Litsky encourages 6D, SWNA & NYNA be included as
8. ABC Committee Report:
a. Taste of DC: included on agenda in error
b. Blind Whino – Motion to approve settlement agreement, with minor amendment for decibel reading to be taken at H &
Delaware. Commissioner Cloyd Motions, Commissioner Garber seconds. Motion passes 6-0-0-.
E. Willies – included on agenda in error
F. First Street Fields: Established to be located on Potomac avenue south of Nationals Stadium, to include sports fields
and amusements. First Street Fields proprietors wants to open in early spring, MRP Realty will eventually build structure
on site. First Street Fields proprietors want to host community events, hire locally, pledge to work with ANC and pass job
announcements through ANC. First Street Fields proprietors include no specifics on operating hours, and closing time
could conceivably be 3am. Pirate Castle is the parent company, which also falls under Taste of DC. Concerns include:
safety, police support (lack), bike racks, traffic flow, late night openings. Past residents indicate that sound is a concern.
First Street Fields proprietors would look to secure a “parking deal” for patrons, to allay parking concern.
-Commissioner Garber motions that commission agrees to pass a settlement agreement on the condition that the
ABC committee can pass a settlement agreement in 2 weeks.
-Commissioner Cloyd amends that hours are commensurate with metro closing. Commissioner Moffatt seconds the
amendment. Amendment passes 4-0-2.. Commissioner Garber and Commissioner Carroll abstain.
-Commissioner Garber re-states motion, Commissioner Marrero seconds. Commissioner Garber’s original motion,
amended, passes 4-2-0. Motion passes 4-2-0 Commissioner Litsky and Commissioner Moffatt vote no.
9. Commissioner Marrero reads motion “Letter to Safeway, USAA RE Co, and Vornado/Charles E. Smith re No-Competition
Covenant at Waterfront Station. Commissioner Garber offers amendment to language: “owner operator Southwest Safeway”
Commissioner Cloyd seconds motion. Motion to send letter passes 6-0-0.
10. Commissioner Garber motions to adjust ABC Committee bylaws and ANC bylaws to allow voting by phone. Commissioner
Litsky seconds. Motion passes 6-0-0.
11. Commissioner Litsky reads Letter to Tim Dennee waiving any required notice of the M.A. hearing. Commissioner Litsky
motions, Commissioner Garber Seconds. Motion to send letter passes 6-0-0.
12. Commissioner Cloyd reads “Letter to Deputy Mayor of Education Requesting aid with finding Appletree location in ANC 6D.”
Andy Litsky motions for a vote. Notice to language: “assists them in finding space, and suggests Jefferson and Van Ness are
options”. Garber motions for amendment to remove Van Ness from language of letter. Discussion ensues. Concern raised that
no organization representatives have weighed in or are present. Commissioner Carroll makes counter-motion to table until the
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next meeting, so as to allow Commissioner Cloyd to reach out to school leadership, community stakeholders. Commissioner,
Marrero seconds. Commissioner Carroll’s motion to table letter passes 5-1-0, Commissioner Cloyd opposes.
13. Chairman’s Report: None
14. Treasurer’s Report: Commissioner Carroll submits auditor’s report for past quartner, ANC has $4,465.78 in account
15. Community Concerns - Mr. Shickler on safety of Wharf District. Maurizio Renzi on concern for 2 building approach to
rd nd rd
development at 767 3 st SE. TD Stenger on concern for 2 building approach to development at 767 3 st SE. Gene Solon
critiques and commends ANC 6D
The commission adjourned at 10:35 p.m.
Minutes prepared by Sam Marrero Attested by: Roger Moffatt
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