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Meeting Date: June 10, 2014

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Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital
921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
June 10, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Commissioners Oldenburg, Garrison, Jayraman, Frishberg, Flahaven, Pate, Peisch, Opkins, Campbell - in attendance.
Commissioner Loveland - absent.
1. Adoption of Agenda (5 minutes)
 Commissioner Frishberg moved to adopt the agenda, 2nd by Commissioner Oldenburg; Approved 9-
2. Community Speakout (15 minutes)
 Madison Investments
i. Development of I street Washington Auto Club 912 11th Street, SE. Under contract. Jeff
Goins. Multi-unit residential unit. Madison is a DC Based development company which has
completed multiple condos and apartment buildings in DC.
ii. Commissioner Oldenburg mentions that this is in the historic district. Expect this to come
before the ANC next month.
iii. Learn more about this company and the project at
 Jessica Wilkie - Realtor for 15th& D St., SE.
i. Marketing the Units now – Delivery at the end of summer 2014.
ii. Learn more about these homes at
 Byron McCoy – 1812 Independence Avenue, SE.
i. Concerns about an alley garage that has new building permits. Commissioner Campbell
stated that he will look into this with DCRA and get back to Mr. McCoy.
 Michael Campbell - Potomac Gardens.
i. Mr. Campbell is interested in getting DC Public Wifi into the public housing. Commissioner
Pate states that he would like to take this issue up in the Outreach & Constituent Services
3. Community and Commission Announcements (5 minutes)
 Eastern Market Metro Plaza Meetings – 3 public meeting, 1 specifically for Task Force Work
o Monday, June 16th - Task Force Working Session. Open to the public, but not for comment
o Saturday June 21st , 1-3pm, Public Meeting
o Monday June 23rd, 7-9pm, Public Meeting
 June 20th 10am, Ceremony for new off ramp from 395 & 11th Street Bridge
 Payne Elementary School Modernization Project Meeting, June 11th, 6:30 -8pm at Payne
4. Consent Agenda (5 minutes)
 May
Planning & Zoning Committee
 PS #94677, 731 8th Street SE, Capital Teas: Barbara Charles, Peter Martino, & Skip Coburn
o Commissioner Opkins moved to approve the consent agenda, 2nd Campbell. Motion
approved, 9-0-0.
5. Presentations
 Overview of DC Water Clean Rivers Project-Anacostia River Tunnel: Emanuel Briggs, DC Water (10
o Questions? Ask Andrea Williams, DC Clean Rivers Outreach Officer.
[email protected], (202)787-4447
o Information regarding this project can be found here:
 Overview of 11th Street Bridge exit ramp from 395 N to 11th Street: Jon Whitney, 11th Street Bridge
Project (late-breaking) (10 minutes)
o John Whitney presenting. Information and presentation available at
o 11th Street Exit from I-695 E will open on June 21.
o 11 Street onramp to I-695 West will close for the summer months so that the permanent ramp
can be completed.
o A temporary reconnection of the SE Blvd. will occur by the end of the year.
o Overall 11 Street Bridge project should be complete by Spring 2015.
6. Planning & Zoning Committee
 EnvisionCare Health Services, 1426 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, certificate of need to provide home
health services: Shereese Tucker (10 minutes)
o Comes to the Commission as a motion (Recommend that the Commission state no objection to
the Application). Approved 9-0-0.
 HPA #13-566, 1220 Potomac Avenue SE, concept/demolition and construction of multi-unit building:
Todd Ragimov & Ramy Ali (15 minutes)
o Rami Ali presenting.
o Commissioner Garrison is disappointed that there are not larger units offered in this project.
o Failure of Applicant to bring complete information. He has come to give us an ‘update’ but the
Commission is not in a position to take a position at this point.
o Commissioner Peisch states that we as a Commission would like to have more information from
the neighbors in terms of Applicant attempt at reaching the neighbors.
o Commissioner Frishberg moved that the ANC communicate to HBRP that ANC has insufficient
plans with concerns about curb cuts, insufficient engagement of the neighbors, BUT, we expect
the Applicant to request a delay to further address these issues, we cannot support with the plans
submitted. We anticipate and support the delay. 2nd Commissioner Garrison 9-0-0.
 HPA #14-355, 706 North Carolina Avenue SE, concept/front yard storage structure: Phoebe Smith (15
o CHRS supported the citation, but leaves resolution to HPRB Board.
o Commissioner Campbell made a motion to take no position based on no guidance or precedent
to consider and the ANC requests that the Board work towards providing such direction.
Commissioner Opkins 2nd.
o Commissioner Pate offered an amendment to the motion to support the application.
Commissioner Campbell 2nd the amendment. 4-4-1(Garrison, Frishberg, Oldenberg, Jayraman
opposed; Opkins abstained)
o No position motion 5-3-1 (Garrison, Oldenburg, Jayraman opposed; Frishberg abstained)
Motion carries.
 HPA #14-359, 1001 South Carolina Avenue SE, concept/rear accessory structure: Thomas Walsh (15
o Commissioner Campbell moves to oppose based on the fact that the structure is 2-story
structure. Commissioner Pate states that the materials fails to have information regarding the
materials potentially used. After some discussion and further questions from the Commission,
Commissioner Campbell withdrew the motion.
o Commissioner Oldenburg moved to oppose the application; The plans submitted by the applicant
are preliminary in nature and do not include all the information the Commission normally has to
evaluate an HP case. Of particular note, the sight line drawing from 10th Street indicates that
the driveway fence (that may block the view of the proposed building) is 10 feet tall, which
appears to be 3 feet over code and, thus, invalidates the sight line drawing. In addition, the
plans show a two story building despite the applicant’s statement that he plans a one story
building in compliance with DC zoning regulations.
o The Commission also finds the following information is missing from the application: setback
measurements between the proposed building and abutting properties, sight lines through the
side yards of 343 and 345 11th Street SE and between 1004 and 1006 D Street SE, rear and
north facing elevations, and details on materials to be used, such as type of windows and door.
o Finally, the 14 abutting neighbors were never fully informed about the full scope of the
applicant’s plans.. 2nd by Commissioner Garrison. 9-0-0.
o Melissa Merz 1010 D Street, SE, Barbara Peterson, and many, many neighbors do NOT support
this structure.
 HPA #14-435, 1229 E Street SE, permit/demolition: Larry Quillian (15 minutes)
o Mr. Quillian states that the structural report by A.A Morsi Consulting Engineers is sufficient
evidence as to why the raze permit for the building should be approved.
o Commissioner Garrison stated that he was concerned that Dr. Quillian didn’t come to the ANC
Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on June 2nd. Mr. Quinllian said he notified ANC 6B
staff director that he could not attend. Ms. Eads-Role said she received no such notice.
Commissioner Garrison stated that Mr. Quinllian’s lack of attention to this property over the
past decade or more was a classic case of demolition by neglect.
o Commissioner Campbell states that, in his 12 years on the Commission, this case has come
before the Commission many times. He was asked to stabilize this property and he never did. We
are in this current position because the owner/applicant has failed to do anything to this building
in the nearly 30 years that he has owned it.
o Paul and Margaret McColluch – neighbors,1227 E St., SE. HPRB has failed to use its
enforcement powers to order DC government to make improvements to the property at the
expense of the Applicant. Because they have failed to do so, the neighbors would support the
raze with conditions that the curb cut be removed and any outstanding fines be paid by the
o Commissioner Pate has two questions - 1) Is the building beyond repair? 2) How do we treat
demolition by neglect? Under DCMR Title 10 Sec. c., HPO has new power which has yet to be
implemented.Commissioner Pate said he things ANC 6B should ask HPO to make the final
determination as to the structural soundness of the building. Ask HPO to place conditions on this
concept – DDOT curb cut, and DCRA fines.
o Commissioner Pate moved that ANC6B endorses the raze concept based on an independent
engineering report which finds that this building is beyond repair, but ask that independent
HPRB engineers deliver a report.In approving this concept, ANC 6B asks that HPRB place
conditions on the approval to make the Applicant accountable for his actions and that restitution
be made to the community and that one of those conditions be removal of the curb cut on E
Street. Commissioner Opkins 2nd. 9-0-0.
 BZA #18770, &pizza, 405 8th Street SE, pursuant to 11 DCMR §§ 3104.1 and 3103.2, special exception
to allow fast food establishment (first floor) under § 733 and variance from rear yard requirements under
§ 774, for one-story rear addition to existing building in CHC/C-2-A District: Maurice Kreindler, Steve
Salis, Scott Black, & Weston Victor (5 minutes)
o &Pizza has been delayed until September. Since ANC6B does not meet in August, this will most
likely be heard at the Commission’s July meeting.
Postponed at Request of Applicant
 HPA #14-450, 518 6th Street SE, concept/rear addition: Gary Jankowski & Christian Zapatka
 HPA #14-452, 232 9th Street SE, concept/rear addition and façade restoration: Timothy Temple &
Edward Scott
7. Transportation Committee (10 minutes)
 District Department of Transportation’s Performance Parking Community Benefit Program awards
 Office of Planning’s Neighborhood Study on Southeast Boulevard
 Dangerous and/or problematic 6B intersections
o Send information to Commissioner Oldenburg regarding any dangerous intersection in your
8. Appointment of Resident Member (5 minutes)
Alcohol Beverage Control Committee
 John Neal, 1360 G Street SE, 6B06]
o Moveded by Frishberg, 2 Peisch. Motion approved, 9-0-0.
9. Deputy Mayor for Education’s Student Assignment & School Boundary Review (10 minutes)
o Move by Commissioner Frishberg that we approve sending this letter and that the Chair allow
Commissioner to testify before the Deputy Mayor. 2nd by Commissioner Peisch. Motion
approved, 9-0-0.
10. Hill East Task Force Report (10 minutes)
 Letter to Community Action Group/Department of Housing and Community Development seeking
additional information related to project at 124 15th Street SE
o Commissioner Pate move that the Commission send this letter to the Director of the Department
of Community Development concerning the current and past funding of the CAG project.
Commissioner Jayraman 2nd.
o Commissioner Frishberg moved to amend the motion – striking demographics language in
question 5,2nd by Commissioner Garrison.
o Commissioner Jayraman moved to amend –How many current CAG clients are DC residents,
specifically Ward 6 residents, 2nd by Pate. 8-1 (Garrison opposed)
o Amended Amendment 9-0.
o Amended Amendment 8-1 (Commissioner Campbell opposed)
o Community comment – wanted to know how funds are being spent
o Final vote 9-0-0.
o Letter is to ask Director Kelly to return answers to these questions to the Commission by July 11.
o Commissioner Campbell will work with the community as well as CAG to set up the next
community meeting regarding this project.
11. Eastern Market Report (5 minutes)
11a . DC General Short term Playground Act of 2014
o June 30th hearing on this, Commissioner Flahaven would be happy to testify at this hearing,
stating that this short term solution is not a solution to this long-term problem.
o Commissioner Campbell moves to send this letter and empower the Chair to appoint someone to
testify on behalf of the Commission on June 30th. 2nd by Commissioner Peisch. 8-0-1 (Jayraman
12. Adjournment
 With no further business, at 10:01pm, Commissioner Campbell moved that the meeting be adjourned.
Motion approved.