ANC 6B Minutes for April 08, 2014



Meeting Date: April 8, 2014

Uploaded on: May 25, 2014

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Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital
921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
April 8, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Commissioners Oldenburg, Frishberg, Flahaven, Pate, Peisch, Opkins, Campbell, Garrison, Loveland, and Jayaraman in attendance.
1. Adoption of Agenda (5 minutes)
 Commissioner Pate added the Outreach & Constituent Services Task Force Report (10a)
 Commissioner Flahavenadded discussion ofCo-hosting the Mayor‘s Budget Town Hall (11a)
 Commissioner Frishberg moved to adopt the agenda, 2ndby Commissioner Campbell; Approved 10-0-0.
2. Community Speakout(15 minutes)
 Eric Magdenze 15th and A Street, SE. CAG construction.
 Commissioner Campbell states that CAG envisions the owners have received their funding and plan on beginning
their construction at the beginning of next month (May). Neighbor is concerned that the CAG cannot build – does
not have the capacity. Wishes for the Commission to write a letter to the Abatement/Nuisance Office. Commissioner
Flahaven suggests that a Hill East Task Force meeting be scheduled around this issue.
3. Community and Commission Announcements (5 minutes)
 Rat Summit
 DC Water Town Hall
 11th Street Bridge Project
 ANC 6B Hill East Task Force
4. Consent Agenda (5 minutes)
 March
Planning & Zoning Committee
 BZA #18756, 630 A Street SE, pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3104.1, special exception for addition to existing semi-detached
dwelling under § 223, not meeting lot area (§ 401), lot occupancy (§ 403), & side yard (§ 405) & nonconforming structure
(subsection 2001.3), in the R-4 District: Robert &Siska Shaw & Dorothy Murdoch (late-breaking)
o Commissioner Frishberg moved to adopt the consent agenda, Commissioner Jayaraman 2nd the motion and it was
approved 8-0-1 (Commissioner Campbell was out of the room during this vote).
5. Presentations
 11th Street Bridge Park Project Overview: Scott Kratz, Director (late-breaking) (10 minutes)
o Mr. Kratz discussed how the newbridges have reconnected two disconnected communities.
o Old bridge will be used as a new civic space. Performance spaces, play spaces, Environmental Education Center,
o The Park Goals:
 Create a healthy community
 Reengage people with the Anacostia
 Reconnect communities
 Become an anchor for economic development.
o By June, the design competition will be over and 4 submissions will be picked to receive 25k design stipends for
their Park designs. Final designs will be selected by October 2014.
o Visit for more information.
 The Homeless Children‘s Playtime Project Overview: Joel Schwarz, Development Manager (late-breaking) (10 minutes)
o A temporary relief for children – this should not be seen as impeding development.
o Pepco, Hogan Lovell are financial contributors to the Playtime Project
o ANC 6B will consider a letter later in this meeting regarding support for this project
o Learn more at
6. Planning & Zoning Committee
 HPA #14-251, 712 5th Street SE, concept/new garage: Chris & Tara Dougherty & Lacy Brittingham(15 minutes)
o New information – The property owner received a letter of support from one of the adjacent neighbors – 710 5th
Street, SE and a verbal commitment of support from the other adjacent neighbor - 714 5th Street, SE.
o Came to the Commission as a motion. Approved 9-0-1.
 HPA #14-134, 419 8th Street SE, second story addition: Tariq Hussein, John Thompson, & Min Kim (late-breaking) (15
o New information – Ms. Kim gave an illustration of what signage on the vertical brick front face over the entrance of
the building. Also addressed was the ‗height shift‘ – the architect changed the plan to have a level roof structure.
o Neighbor Linda Elliot is concerned about the soundproofing and scrubbers for exhaust. Also concerned about the
concentration of food on 8th Street, SE.
o Commissioner Frishberg moves to amend the motion and add the following language: ―ANC supports the removal
of the connected awning that extends across 419 and 417 8th Street SE, but notes for the Board that the removal at
419 will require the removal of the awning on the neighboring property. That facade change should be considered
as part of the application being reviewed.‖Peisch 2nds the amendment. 8-0-2 (Loveland & Campbell abstaining).
Commission voted on the amended motion 8-0-2 (Loveland & Campbell abstaining).
 HPA #14-209, 531 8th Street SE, concept/storefront alterations/rooftop addition: Houshang Momenia & Hooman
Meghdadian (15 minutes)
o Commissioner Oldenburg asked applicant if he is aware of the need for an elevation drawing, which is critical to a
Historic Preservation case, especially for the front of the building.
o Commissioner Peisch is extraordinarily frustrated. The owner has failed to take responsibility for the state of this
blighted property.
o Commissioner Oldenburg has offered amended language, which reads: ―The Commission has a great interest in
seeing that this property—currently a scar on Barracks Row—be renovated. But, while the plans available for our
review were somewhat an improvement over previously submitted plans, we have numerous questions. Our central
problem from a historic preservation perspective was the lack of detailed 2-story elevations for both the front and
rear of the property. Submitted instead were modified photos of the existing facades. The rear photo includes a tree
seemingly growing out of the structure, two doors that appear to be metal, and a 2nd floor rear facade superimposed
atop. The front photo shows a change to wood doors and windows but no detail as to style and dimensions. There is
no indication whether the stucco is to remain as is and what the owner's plans are for the existing 2nd floor
windows. The Commission is also concerned about the lack of attention to the design above the entrance to the 2nd
floor. Unfortunately, the applicant was unable to respond to these types of questions most likely because of a
combination of language difficulties and knowledge of historic preservation.‖ Commissioner Peisch 2nd the motion
and the Commissioner approved 10-0-0. The amended motion was then approved 10-0-0.
 HPA #14-237, 630 A Street SE, concept/rear addition and roof deck: Robert & Siska Shaw & Dorothy Murdoch
o New Information – Commissioner Garrison asked the applicant a series of questions on the extent to which the
proposed structure would be visible through the larger side court to the west from A Street. The applicant
acknowledged that it would be possible to see a small portion of the rooftop deck from A Street.
o Commissioner Frishberg amends the motion to say, ―The ANC approves the project noting some concerns about the
view of the rooftop deck.‖ 2nd by Commissioner Oldenburg. Vote on the amendment 10-0-0. The amended motion
was approved 10-0-0.
Application Withdrawn
 HPA #14-195, 819 E Street SE, concept/rear addition: Diana Rojas &BertinRadifera
 HPA #14-228, 909 East Capitol Street SE, concept/roof deck: Theodore Bornstein & Bernard Guay
7. Transportation Committee
 Letter to Office of Planning regarding Barney Circle/Southeast Boulevard Planning Scope of Work (10 minutes)
o Commissioner Flahaven notes that a new director for the Office of Planning, Ellen McCarthy, begins on April 14th.
Commissioner Oldenburg wishes for the Commission to move ahead with sending our letter regardless of the
addition of a new Director.
o Comes to the Commission as a motion and was approved 10-0-0.
8. Letter of Support for The Homeless Children‘s Playtime Project‘s Playground at DC General (late-breaking) (10 minutes)
 ANC6B wishes to fulfill 3 goals with this letter – 1) That Phase 1 of the Reservation 13 Project should not be used as a
barrier for moving forward with this playground, 2) that DC General needs to be addressed, and 3) ANC 6B supports
supportive housing for homeless.
 Commissioner Pate asked that Councilmember Graham be added as a Carbon Copy on this letter.
 Commissioner Campbell asked that the Commission add language ―to find alternative housing as soon as possible‖ to the
same sentence that addresses the Commissions desire to have DC General closed.
 Commissioner Peisch moved that ANC 6B send a letter in support of this project to Deputy Mayor for Human Services,
Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, and the Director of the DC Department of General Services. 2 nd by
Campbell. Approved 10-0-0.
9. Appointment of Resident Members (5 minutes)
Hill East Task Force
 Molly Singer, 817 North Carolina Avenue SE, 6B05
 Pat Taylor, 323 17th Street SE, 6B09
o Commissioner Campbell moves to appoint these neighbors to the Hill East Task Force, 2 nd by Commissioner Pate.
The motion was approved 10-0-0.
10. Eastern Market Report (10 minutes)
 Letter of Support for Eastern Market/Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee‘s Application for Committee of 100
Vision Award (late-breaking)
o Commissioner Pate moves to approve the letter, 2nd by Commissioner Jayaraman. The motion was approved 10-0-0.
o Commissioner Pate also let the Commission know that the Market is in the black for the first time in many years.
10a. Outreach & Constituent Services Task Force Report
 Commissioner Pate discussed the visit by the representative from the Office of Tax and Revenue to the Committee meeting.
Notes on the meeting can be found in the April 2014 O&CS Report.
11. Financial Matters (10 minutes)
 Commissioner Pate moved that we approve 2nd Quarterly Report for 2014, 2nd by Commissioner Peisch; Approved 10-0-0.
 Commissioner Pate states that he found errors on the ANC 6B 2013 taxes. Corrections to the reports have already been sent
to the DC Government and the IRS regarding these errors. ANC 6B‘s totally tax liability is around $1400 more than what
was paid in 2013. As of this meeting the ANC 6B is now current on its tax payments to the District and the IRS.
Commissioner Pate believes that there will be a penalty assessed. Commissioner Pate believes that in the interest of due
diligence, review of the 2012 taxes should be made.
 Commissioner Flahaven feels that some sort of process guide should be created and shared with the executive committee
regarding the duties, responsibilities, and procedures for the Treasurer position. Transition manuals are key to the success of
this position.
 Commissioner Frishberg suggests that the Commission reach out to a neighborhood volunteer as a second set of eyes on tax
returns as a best practice for this duty.
11a. Co-hosting Mayor‘s Budget Town Hall on April 16, 2014
 Commissioner Flahaven states that this is not an endorsement of the Mayor‘s Budget, but an endorsement for a community
 Commissioner Peisch moves that ANC 6B co-host this event and Commissioner Frishberg 2nds. Approved 10-0-0.
12. Adjournment
 With no further business, at 9:44 PM, Commissioner Campbell moved that the meeting be adjourned. Motion approved.