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Meeting Date: April 10, 2014

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Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6A
Regular Business Meeting
Miner Elementary School
April 10, 2014
Present: Commissioners Alberti, Hysell, Holmes, Mahmud, Nauden, Ward, Williams
Absent: Commissioner Phillips-Gilbert
The meeting was convened at 7:00 pm.
1. Agenda
The following additions to the agenda were proposed:
• Under Transportation and Public Space, Mr. Holmes proposed a letter opposing the Red
Bull Rallycross at RFK Stadium on June 22. 2014;
• Mr. Alberti asked to introduce Charles Onduche, Mayor Gray’s new Ward 6
• A brief presentation from James Gaston III of the Historically Black Colleges and
Universities (HBCU) Alumni Association;
• A discussion of 819 D Street NE added to the Economic Development and Zoning
Committee; and
• A brief presentation from Commander Deidre Porter of the Fifth (5th) District. The
agenda, as amended, was agreed to without objection.
2. Minutes
The March 2014 minutes were agreed to without objection.
3. Community Presentations
Commander Deirdre Porter
Commander Deirdre Porter, head of the 5th Police District, which covers about half of
Ward 6, introduced herself and discussed what her responsibilities are to the community.
She was asked by several people about how close her working relationship is with First
(1st) D Police District Commander Brown, and she was adamant that it was seamless and
on-going, with twice-weekly meetings as well as immediate communication when issues
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Alumni Alliance Race
James Gaston III, representing the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
Alumni Alliance, gave a brief presentation on their annual 5K run/2K walk on Saturday,
June 28, 2014.
Introduction of Charles Onduche, Office of the Mayor
Charles Onduche, the new Ward 6 representative of the Office of the Mayor, introduced
himself and said he was looking forward to working with the residents of Ward 6 on their
needs and problems. He invited residents to attend the Mayor’s Town Hall meeting on the
FY 2015 Budget, scheduled for Monday, April 21, at 6:30 pm at Capitol Hill Montessori
School, 215 G Street NE.
Motion: Mr. Alberti moved/Mr. Mahmud seconded a motion to add ANC 6A’s name as a
sponsor of the event. The motion passed without objection.
Anwar Saleem, Executive Director, H Street Main Street
Anwar Saleem, Executive Director, H Street Main Street, made presentations on two of his
organization’s major projects. The first was a detailed outline of plans for the H Street
Festival on Saturday, September 20, 2014. The Festival will be held from the 400 to 1400
blocks of H Street and will require the street to be closed from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Along with delineating the details of the entertainment, booths and food, Saleem
mentioned his desire for the DC Council to enact legislation that would required streetcar
service to be suspended during the time of H St Festivals.
The second presentation Mr. Saleem made was for The Starburst Plaza Intersection, a plan
for providing a community gathering place through programming at the Starburst
intersection at H Street NE, Bladensburg Road NE and Benning Road NE. The plans include
movies, a farmers market, crafts market, and other regularly scheduled events designed
to encourage community gathering and pedestrian activity throughout the neighborhood.
4. Officers’ Reports
Mr. Alberti reported that he and Mr. Holmes, along with representatives of other ANCs,
had met with Department of Consumer and Regulation Affairs (DCRA) head Nick Majette at
a meeting facilitated by Councilmember Vincent Orange to discuss matters on which they
would like DCRA to focus. He also reported that Mr. Holmes and he testified on March 21,
2014 before the DC Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Environment on behalf
of the ANC. They testified about concerns regarding District Department of
Transportation’s (DDOT) stewardship of pocket parks, particularly as they relates to DDOT
actions that have resulted in the potential loss of public access to many of those parks and
DDOT’s assignment of control of pocket parks to private use.
Treasurer’s Report
Mr. Holmes presented the Treasurer’s Report. He reported that the opening balance in
the checking account was $14,197.53 and the savings account balance was $13,718.03.
There was an interest payment of $0.23 to the savings account. There were disbursements
of $200.00 to Irene Dworakowski for the March 2014 agenda package (Check #1641));
$178.20 for a reimbursement to Elizabeth Nelson for a payment to WebHST (Check #1642);
$180.00 to Roberta Weiner for transcription of the March 2014 ANC minutes (Check
#1643); $755.48 to Blick for art supplies for a grant to Maury Elementary School (Check
#1644); $194.60 for FedEx Office for March 2014 statement (Check #1645); and $342.00
for USPS postal box rental (Check #1646), leaving a balance of $12,221.13 in the checking
account, and $13,718.26 in the savings account.
Motion: Mr. Holmes moved/Mr. Williams seconded a motion to accept the disbursements.
The motion passed unanimously.
Motion: Mr. Holmes moved/Mr. Alberti seconded a motion to accept the Treasurer’s
Report as presented. The motion passed without objection.
5. Committee Reports
Community Outreach
Ms. Nelson said the Committee had not met, but she wanted to announce that the
Committee now had a Twitter account for outgoing messages only pertaining to ANC
business, @ANC6A.
Alcoholic Beverage Licensing
There was no formal Committee report. However, Mr. Williams reported that there will
be a protest hearing on the hours for the patio for Cusbah.
He also reported that there had been a stabbing outside XII and its license had been
temporarily suspended. They went to ABRA and presented a new security plan, and
reopened. Williams said the ANC is still protesting their license renewal.
Transportation and Public Space
The report of the Committee was accepted without objection.
Chupacabra Latin Kitchen – 822 H Street NE
Motion: The Committee moved/Mr. Hysell seconded a motion that the ANC approve the
Committee’s recommendation to send a letter to DDOT in support of Chupacabra’s
application for the installation of a bicycle rack on public space upon receipt of a
commitment in writing that the restaurant staff will dispel loiterers from the location of
the bike rack. The motion passed 6-0-1, With Mr. Holmes abstaining.
Nomad Hookah Bar – 1200 H Street NE (This is formerly Sahra Hookah Bar, but is a new
business with a new name)
Motion: The Committee moved/Mr. Alberti seconded a motion that the full ANC accept
the Committee’s recommendation and withdraw its opposition to sidewalk café
application by Nomad Hookah Bar upon receipt of written confirmation that: 1) the
application has been amended reduce sidewalk café capacity to 44 patrons; 2) the owner
will maintain the adjacent sidewalk area and any adjacent planted areas; and 3) that the
owner will limit hours to those stipulated in the Settlement Agreement. The motion
passed unanimously 7-0-0.
Red Bull Global Rallycross – RFK Stadium – June 22, 2014
Motion: Mr. Holmes moved/Williams seconded a motion to send a letter to Mayor Gray
opposing the Red Bull Global Rallycross to be held at RFK Stadium on June 22, 2014,
because of the noise impact it will have on the entire community, based on concerns that
the pressure levels in the residential neighborhoods will not conform to the DC Ordinance
requirement of 60 db during the day and 55 db at night. The motion passed 6-0-1 with Ms.
Nauden abstaining.
Economic Development and Zoning
The report of the Committee was accepted without objection.
313 9th Street NE
Motion: The Committee moved/Mr. Alberti seconded a motion that the ANC accept the
Committee’s recommendation to send a letter to the Historic Preservation Review Board
(HPRB) supporting design approval for a two story addition to an existing row house. Mr.
Albert offered an amendment saying that the letter should include language saying that
the ANC was aware of recommendations on this case made by the Capitol Hill Restoration
Society and urged hat HPRB to evaluate the project in light of those recommendations.
The amendment passed unanimously, 7-0-0. The motion, as amended, passed 7-0-0,
1511 A Street NE
This is a project that proposes to build an eighteen-unit apartment building in a
neighborhood of small townhouses, and it has attracted a heavy response from community
Motion: The committee moved/Mr. Alberti seconded a motion that the ANC support its
recommendation to send a letter to the Office of Planning requesting that the western
half of the block bounded by Fifteenth (15th) Street NE, A Street NE, Sixteenth (16th)
Street NE and East Capitol Street. Which is currently zoned C-2-A, be upzoned to R-4, with
the exception of those properties on the south side of the block that front on East Capitol
Street. The motion passed 7-0-0, unanimously.
Motion: The committee moved/Mr. Alberti seconded a motion that the ANC support its
recommendation to send a letter to the Zoning Administrator calling to his attention that
the proposed development at 1511 A Street NE contemplates eighteen (18) residential
units, expressing concern as to how the developer plans to achieve that level of density
without zoning relief with respect to FAR and onsite parking, and requesting that the
Zoning Administrator investigate. The motion passed 7-0-0, unanimously.
819 D Street NE
The plans for this project, the renovation of a church and two adjoining buildings, have
been modified but the ANC has not yet seen them.
Motion: Mr. Alberti moved/Mr. Holmes seconded a motion to authorize Committee Chair
Golden and Commissioners Alberti and Holmes to review, as far as they can, revised plans
for 819 D Street NE prior to any scheduled HPRB hearing. The motion passed 6-0-1 (Mr.
Hysell was out of the room.)
1717 E Street NE
Mr. Holmes initiated a discussion of the agreement reached between the developer of
1717 E Street NE and how it has been implemented. Mr. Bello, a representative of the
developer who was present at the meeting, said that he did not have the information but
it was his understanding that the developer had offered a contribution to a youth
organization associated with a church in Rosedale. He agreed to get more information to
Mr. Alberti.
6. SMD Reports
Mr. Williams reported that there will be a DC Council hearing regarding the CSX Virginia
Avenue SE tunnel project on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 10:00 am.
Mr. Ward thanked the members of his community for coming out in force on 1511 A Street
NE, and he appreciated their coming together on an important issue.
Mr. Mahmud attended a Florida Avenue Multi-Modal Transportation Study meeting, which
will eventually make the route safer. He also reported that he would be going door-to-
door to question Cusbah’s neighbors about the noise levels.
Mr. Alberti reported that the HPRB has received a request to provide fencing for the
pocket park at Thirteenth (13th) Street and Tennessee Avenue NE.
Ms. Nauden reported that she was pleased to see new bike lanes in her SMD. She also
reported that a building at Ninth (9th) and G NE is being renovated.
Mr. Holmes reported that the work at Maryland Avenue and Seventeenth (17th) and
Nineteenth (19th) Streets have stopped. He also reported that demolition of the Benning
Road power plant is close to completion.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.