ANC 4C Agenda for February 12, 2014



Meeting Date: Feb. 12, 2014

Uploaded on: April 30, 2014

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Draft AGENDA – February 12, 2014 Community Meeting

1. Call to Order (6:30pm)
2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)
3. Approval of Agenda (6:35pm)
4. Reading and Approval of January 2014 Minutes (6:52pm)
6. Treasurers Report/FY 2014 1st Quarter report- Michael Yates (6:55pm)
7. Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s Office (7:05pm)
8. Metropolitan Police (7:10pm)
9. DC Fire EMS (7:11pm)
10. Keith Holman, Mayor Grays Office (7:12pm)
11. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker) (7:15pm)

1. DDOT Presentation-Commissioner Anthony
-Georgia and Upshur intersection
-Spring road between 14th street and Spring place traffic study
-1300 block of Taylor st stop sign
-Pedestrian crossing at 14th and Colorado, 13th and Quincy
-500 block of Shepard st
-14th and Buchannon cross walk
2. BZA/Office of Planning Zoning Rewrite Resolution-Commissioner Yates
3.Education Subcommittee, Commissioner Maloney

New Business:
1. Community Impact Statement, Commissioner Williams
2. New Librarian of Petworth, Commissioner Anthony
3.Celebrate Petworth letter of support, Commissioner Hartman

-Sabor Latina Settlement Agreement
-Felicitas Settlement Agreement
-Sweet Mango Entertainment Endorsement