ANC 4B Agenda for May 20, 2014



Meeting Date: May 20, 2014

Uploaded on: June 24, 2014

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 7 p.m.

Metropolitan Police Department, 4th District Station6001 Georgia Ave., NW




Background information on many of these items is available on ANC 4B’s web page,


1.    Call To Order

2.    Roll Call

3.    Consideration of the Agenda


4.    Community Concerns

This is the time for questions or statements about the issues on the agenda or other issues of concern. Please limit your statement or question to two minutes.  There may not be time in the rest of the agenda for community comment.


5.    Support Vote:  Voluntary Agreement between RAI Dialysis Center and ANC 4B07


6.    Presentation and Recommendation Vote:  Application for New Class C Tavern Liquor License – The VIP Room, 6201 3rd Street N.W., ABRA 094561


7.    Presentation and Recommendation Vote:  Application for New Class C Restaurant License – La Villa Restaurant, 6115 Georgia Avenue N.W, ABRA 094826


8.    Presentation:  Proposed Resolution on Education – Commissioner Stephanie Maltz, ANC 2B03


9.    Approval Vote:  Grant Application – Kids & Culture Camp, $1,050


10.  Approval Vote:  Grant Application -- 4Ever Emery


11.  Presentation and Recommendation Vote:  BZA 18791, Application for Special Exception, 5922 Blair Road N.E. – Community Residential Facility and DDOT Public Space Permit Application for Curb Cut


12.  Presentation and Recommendation Vote:  Recommendations Regarding Transit Services at the Takoma Metro Station


13.  Recommendation Vote:  Application of Appelles, LLC to Establish A Medical Marijuana Cultivation Center at 6523 Chillum Place N.E.


14.  Recommendation Vote:  Proposed Construction Loan ($7,990,000.00 from DC Department of Housing and Community Development to Metro village Apartments, 7052 Spring Place N.W.


15.  Treasurer’s Report

16.  Approval Vote:  FY 2014 Second Quarter Report

17.  Approval Vote:  Minutes, April 28, 2014 Regular Public Meeting

18.  Adjournment


NEXT MEETING:   Monday, June 23, 2014 7:00 PM



Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

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