ANC4A Wrongfully Censure Commissioner




Meeting Date: May 6, 2014

Published on: May 7, 2014

Uploaded on: July 28, 2014

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ANC4A01 Commissioner Wrongfully Censured and Disciplined
Washington, D.C., May 7, 2014. ANC4A Commissioners Karrye Braxton, Martha Mitchell, and Dave
Wilson, joined with ANC4A02 Commissioner Dwayne M. Toliver to wrongfully Censure & Discipline
ANC4A01 Commissioner Anderson at the ANC4A public meeting on May 6, 2014. Commission Toliver
prepared the Motion to Censure & Discipline Commissioner Anderson following the April 2014 meeting.
Commissioner Anderson questioned Commissioner Toliver’s ethics during the meeting. ANC Executive
Director Gottlieb Simon was present at the meeting and served as the camera man to record the action
against ANC4A01 Commissioner Anderson. The vote was five in favor and three no votes.
Several citizens in the audience was applaud and disgusted about the action. Gerri Simons and several
other prominent community advocates left the meeting with disgust following the ANC4A vote.
Commissioner Acqunetta Anderson host monthly meetings to discuss issues such as the former Walter
Reed Development, Crime Summit, jobs, economic development, street repair and re-pavement and
Kalmia Road. Anderson is constantly attacked by Toliver and other ANC commissioners at the monthly
meetings. Toliver and other Commissioners rarely support Anderson on the Commission and usually
vote no on Commissioner Anderson’s motion.
Commissioner Anderson has challenge Commissioners Toliver, Braxton and Whatley on matters
involving the budget and spending. Toliver negotiated the Douglas Corporation Rental Contract
between the ANC4A and Douglas in 2013. Commissioner Anderson questioned if Commissioner Toliver
violated the law since Commissioner Toliver works for the Attorney General’s office as a lawyer who
negotiate contracts with big companies such as Douglas Corporation. Commissioner Anderson also
questioned the $2000.00 per month Douglas Corporation in-kind contribution to the ANC4A and if the
in-kind amount violates the ANC laws. Executive Director Gottlieb Simon has not responded the
Commissioners Anderson questions regarding this matter. Commissioner Anderson and other ANC4A
Commissioners has questioned spending and expenditures on the commission.