ANC 3G Agenda for July 28, 2014



Meeting Date: July 28, 2014

Uploaded on: Aug. 17, 2014

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ANC 3/4G Public Meeting


                                                                                    Monday, July 28, 2014


Chevy Chase Community Center, 7:30-9:30 PM

 (As the building closes at 10 P.M., this meeting will end at 9:30 PM to allow Community Center Staff to Clean and Clear the Building)


7:30 PM                Adoption of Agenda


                              Commissioner Announcements                            5 minutes


                              Community Announcements                                5 minutes


                              Special Exception 3801 Jocelyn Street                 10 minutes

                              BZA App. 18818


Report on July 23 informational community        5 minutes

meeting at Ingleside to review its revised

expansion plans


Discussion of the Office of Planning's revised     20 minutes

proposals for zoning regulation revisions,

particularly those striking parking requirements

near “WMATA Priority Corridor Network

Metrobus Routes” and Impact of the draft

MoveDC plan's designation of

Military Road as a possible "High Frequency

Local and Regional Bus Corridor"


Discuss the American City Diner's revised           30 minutes

application (DDOT 96794) for an outdoor

 sidewalk cafe permit at 5532 Connecticut

Avenue, NW and possible vote on response

to the application that will be heard before the

Committee on August 28, 2014


Update on the design phase of Oregon Avenue   5 minutes

NW refurbishing project (between Military and



New business                                                        5 minutes


9:20 PM                Commission Business:


1)      Minutes of the Public Meeting of Jul

2)      y 14, 2014

3)      Checks:     $238.00 Up and Running Computer Services $45.71 Jeralynn Graham (color and oversize printing-American City Diner app.)

4)       Quarterly Financial Report:  April – June 2014

5)      Items for the next meeting on September 8 (no meetings in August):  Grant Review Policies



Note:  Police representatives of PSA 201 may attend and are invited to speak