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Meeting Date: June 12, 2014

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c/o Lisner Home 5425Western Avenue,NW Washington,DC 20015
Minutesof ANC 3E June12.2014Meetins
The meetingconvenedat 7:32pn. Commissioners
Bender,Frumin,Quinn,and Serebinwere
present.CommissionerTinker was absent.
Announcementsi Open Forum - opportunity for membersof the community to raiseissues
of concernor importance to the 3E neighborhood
An attendeeworking for DC's CannabisCampaignaskedfor signatures for the ballot initiativeto
legalizemarijuanain the District.The November4, 2014ballot referendum,calledInitiative71,
would legalizethe possessionof up to two ouncesof marijuanafor personaluse,but would not
legalizethe saleof marijuana,he said.
Presentationby 2nd District Police
PSA 202 LieutenantAlan Hill reportedthat on March 12,2014Chief Laniersummonedstaff for
a strategiccrime briefingwith a predictiveanalysisof 5-yeartrendsusingrnodelingtechniques.
The analysisincludedsuchdataas new retail,commercialand residential,demographics, prior
historyof crimesandtheir geographical locationin the District.
Policereportedtwo stolenautos,both new, which havebeenrecoveredparkedand locked,Lt.
Hill said.Perpetrators
checkdoor handlesat night,find carswith keysin them and drive them
home,he said.
10 theftsfrom autoshavebeenreportedin this 30-dayperiodas comparedwith 37 in the sarne
periodlastyear,he said.One adultmale was incarcerated
for theft from autosand two iuveniles
withpriorrecordsof theft from autoshavealsobeenrecentlylockedup, he said.
Burglarieshaveincreased from 5 in this 3O-dayperiodin 2013to 8 this year in the sameperiod,
Lt. Hill reported.Two of the recentburglariesinvolvedscenarios whereperpetrators drove up to
a commercialbusiness,smashedthe big plateglasswindow and stolemerchandise. Two of the
burglariestargetedhomes,he said;jewelrywas usuallystolen.
Therehavebeenno reportedrobberieswith gunsduringthis period,he said,but one robbery
without a gun was reportedthat apparentlywas a caseof domesticviolence.Crime overallin the
Northwestareais down, exceptburglaries,he noted.
ln responseto an attendee'squestion,Lt. Hill saidthat high-endapparelstoreshavebeenthe
targetsfor commercialburglaries.ltems stolenincludedexpensivepurses:, shoesandjeans.
In response
to an attendee'squestion,Lt. Hill saidthat securitysystemsin homesdeterburglars.
The burglarsare enteringhomesthroughthe reardoorsand rearbasementwindows,he said.
In response to a commissioner's
question,Lt. Hill saidthatbeatpoliceofficers'schedules.
off and routeswerebeingshiftedto "shakethingsup."
Lt. Hill saidthatresidentswho haveconcernsshouldfirst call 911.If problemspersistresidents
can contacthirn at alan.hill(
Considerationof and possibleresolutionon application to the BZA for a specialexception
for MassageEnvy proposedto be openedat 4620WisconsinAyenueoNW
CommissionerBenderintroducedthis resolution,explainingthat MassageEnvy Spas,a franchise
plansto locateone of its facilitiesatthe old Morty's Deli siteat 4620Wisconsin
Avenue,NW. MassageEnvy will needto securea specialexceptionfbr useof the site.
Eric Barton,DistrictRegionalDeveloperf,orMassageEnvy Spas,saidthat tlrey are in
negotiations with AmericanUniversityfor nseof the siteon WisconsinAvenue.D.C. zoning
regulationspermitmassage therapywhen it is the prirnarynse,he said,but only by special
exception,and they are seekingANC 3E's support.He provideda brief historyof the chainand
their services,and notedthat r,vhilethereare 35 locationssllrrollndingthe District- the closestis
in Bethesda,Marylandand Arlington,Virginia - this sitewould be the first within D.C.
Mr. Bartonsaidthat they havea hearingscheduledbeforetheBZA in July 2014and needto
seclrreAmericanUniversity'ssupport.He estimatesthat the spawould openin early 2A15.
In responseto a commissioner's questions,Mr. Bartonsaidthat MassageE,nvyspastypically
have 1,500membersper siteand40 to 50 customersperday. Hoursare 8am to lOpm. Staff have
accessto parkingin the buildingandreceivetransitbenefits.
He addedthat parkingand validationr,vouldbe providedto customersin the building.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolution.
Considerationand possibleresolutionregarding applicationto theBZA for a special
exceptionfor a rear screenedporch at 3918Jenifer Street,NW
CommissionerQuinn introducedthis resolution,explainingthatthe ownerof 3918 JeniferStreet,
NW hassecureda specialexceptionto build an additionto his home.ANC 3E intendedto
supportthe project as long as certainagreed-uponmitigation efforts were undertaken.
Mitigationwould includeat leastone rain barrelattachedto the additionand planting3 trees.
The owner of the propertysaidthat he is buildingan all-seasons
room in his backyard.
Accordingto a feasibilitystudy,the additionwould encroach7 feetinto a 21-footsetbackline. A
12-footalleywould separatethe additionfrom his immediateneighbors. Neighborshaveall
approvedthe additionwith their signatures,he added.A hearingbeforetheBZA is scheduledfor
Iuly 2014.
to approvethe resolution.
Considerationof and possibleresolutionon applicationto PSC to add an awning for the
outsidecaf6 in the public spaceat DeCarlosRestaurantat 4822Yuma Street,NW
CommissionerFrumin introducedthis resolution,explainingthat the owner of DeCarlos
Restaurantat 4822 Yuma Street,NW (nextto the hair dressernearthe Sr-rper Fresh/Freshn'
Greenssite) is requestingan awning for an outdoorseatingareathat the restauranthas enjoyed
for many years.As the owner believedthat that the approvalswere grantedthe awning has
alreadybeeninstalled.Neighborsare supportiveof the awning.The restaurant hasbeenin
businessfor 35 years.
In responseto questions,the restaurant's owner Lr"rcyDeCarlosaidthat the deck frontswhat is
largelya residentialstreet;the deck is handicapped accessible;
fanswill be installed;the awning
is not retractable;
andthat the deck is on public space.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolution.
Considerationof and possibleresolutionon applicationto PSC to add an awning for the
outsidecaf6 in the public spaceat the new restaurant proposedat 461941't Street,NW
CommissionerFrutninintroducedthis resolution,explainingthat Paul Zuconi,the general
managerfor the upcomingBread& Saltrestaurant at 461941" Street,NW, woulcllike to applyto
the Public SpaceCommissionto installan awningover a plannedand approvedoutdoorseating
areain public space.He expressed his view that tl-rerestaurant
as well as the outdoorseatingarea
and awningwill help enliventhe 4l 't Streetcorridor.
Mr. Zuconi saidthat the restaurant
will be full service,with a bakery,caf6,,
bar, and pizzaoven.
The restaurant
will be moderatelypricedand family oriented.
In responseto an attendee'squestion,Mr. Zuconisaidthatthe outdoorseatingareawould extend
20 feet out from the building and 45 to 50 feet in width.
Commissioners discussed the topic,includingsuchissuesas what differentiates
the outdoor
seatingareaand awning frorn Pete's Apizza'sdesignand location;whethertherearetable
umbrellas;whetherthe glasscanbe removed;plantings;andwhetherthe or"rtdoor seatingarea
would benefitfor the 41't Streetcorridor.
A commissionerexpressed his lack of supportfor the plannedoutdoorseatingareaand awningat
this time becauseof the encroachment on public space.The commissionersuggested that the
restaurantget fully underwayand that a decisionshouldbe madeat alater date if the outdoor
seatingareaand awningis needed.
Commissioners discr-rssed
the prosand consof differentrnodificationsto the outdoorstructure.
The owner stressedthe importanceof,the outdoorseatingareato the restaurantand responcledto
votedto approvethe resolution3 - l, with onecommissioner
Commissioners opposed.
Discussionand possiblevote on a resolutionin support of the constructionof an outdoor
swimming pool in Ward 3
CommissionerSerebinintroducedthis resolution,explainingthat Ward 3 is the only ward in the
Districtwithout an outdoorswimmingpool and thereis nor,vunderwaya renewedpushto get one
built for the benefitof the commnnity.Councihnember
Chehhasrecognizedthe needand set
asidefundsin the budget,he said.Next stepsincludethe gatheringof public support,identifying
potentialsitesand selectinga final site.A recentcommunitysurveygathered800 or more
responses in one week, with 95okin supportof a pool.
Publicpoolspromoteaccessin waysthat aremore genderequitable,he said,as girls do not have
sufficientathleticfacilitieswithin the District.
Attendeesand commissioners discussed the resolution,,coveringsuchtopicsas public/private
partnershipsof community facilities;
how to identify sites;and the needto supplydata
in supportof the pool to Councihnember Cheh'soffice.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolutionwith friendly amendments.
Considerationand possibleresolutionregarding proposalto prohibit left turns off of
NebraskaAvenue NW on to 42nd Street,NW from 7:00 to 9:30 am and 4:00 to 6:30 pm
CommissionerSerebinintroducedthis resolution,explainingthat a groupof residentson Van
NessStreet,NW are concernedaboutcut-throughtraffic from NebraskaAvenue,NW to 42"d
Street,NW as a way to avoiddriving throughTenleytownon WisconsinAvenue,NW. The
triangleformed by Van Ness Street,NebraskaAvenue and 42""Streetcreatesconfusionand
unsafeconditionsfor pedestriansand drivers,he said.Currentlythereis only a yield sign at
NebraskaAvenue and carsturning onto 42noStreetoften speedor are recklessto beat on-coming
traffic from Van Ness,creatingunsafeconditions.
The intersection hasbeenreviewedby DDOT, which hasproposedaddinga no left turn off of
NebraskaAvenueto 42"dStreetfrom 7:00to 9:30amand4:00pmto 6:30pmduringrush hour
traffic. The resolutionsupportsDDOT's proposalbut.alsorequestsadditionalsteps,including
traffic on 42""Streetwith a stopsign and examiningthe
replacingthe yield sign for southbound
implementation suchas raisedcrosswalksto increasepedestriansafety.
of additionalmeasures
Attendees andcommissioners discussedthe resolution,includingsuchissuesas commissioning a
traffic studyfor Van NessAvenue;impactsof the measures on residentsliving nearthe
intersection; whetherDDOT could implementothertraffic cahningmeasures that woulclnot
adverselyimpacttrafflrcon nearbystreets;the useof the cut-throughas an alternativearterialroad
althoughit was not designedfor suchuse;and rvhetherDDOT could implementthe measuresolt
a trial basis.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolutionwith friendly amendments.
Considerationand possibleresolutionregarding proposedtraffic circlesat 42"danclWarren
Commissioner Benderintroduced this resolution,explainingthatoneof DDOT's
recommendations in its 2010Rock CreekWest II Livability Reportwas the installationof tratfic
circleson 42"dStreetNW near WarrenStreet,NW to decreasetraffic, slow speedingand increase
pedestriansafetyfor residentsliving in the neighborhood.Carshavehit or nearlyhit pedestrians
on severaloccasionsandthereis a high concentration of vulnerablepopulationsin the area,he
said.In addition,42"dStreetis an attractivecut-throughfor Marylancland Virginia clriversto
avoidthe traffic of WisconsinAvenue,NW. DDOT issueda Notice of Intentto instail
roundabouts, and AmericanUniversityagreedto pay $400,000to fund thernand related
measures. The ANC 3E votedto supportNotice of Intent. DDOT initially electedto install
roundaboutsmadeof temporarymaterialto help it determinethe optimalconfigurationfor
Subsequent to the temporaryroundabouts'installation,he said,severalthingsbecameclear.
Problernsinclude:flirnsy materialswere usedto bLrildthe roundabouts, which deterioratedover
time; the materialusedto constructthe traffic circles,evenpre-deterioration,was visually
distractingfor drivers;traffic was slowedconsiderably more going souththan north due to
placementof the roundabouts; the crosswalkat the southerncirclewas badly placedand createda
hazardfor pedestrians; the sidewalkshouldbe extendedto permita new crosswalkto be installed
fartherfrom the southernroundabout;and a secondcrosswalkshor-rld be addedon the otherside
of the traffic circle.
DDOT hassubmitteda proposalto installpenxanenttraffic circlesmadeout of durableconcrete
with an apron,as well as otherdesignimprovernents.The resolutionasksthat DDOT move
forwardas quickly as possibleto replacethe temporaryroLlndaboutswith the proposedpermanent
roundaboutsand to work with neighborsto makethe rounclabouts as attractiveas possible,usir-rg
plantsand landscaping.
Attendeesand commissioners discussed
the resolution,includingsuchissuesas whetherparking
carsnearthe traffic circlessloweddown traffic; creatinga dedicatedbike lane;additionai
measuresthat might help slow down traffic as carsnavigatedthe roundabourts;and the useof
appropriatesignage.All attendees supportedrnakingthe roundabouts permanent,however.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolutionwith friendly amendments.
Discussionand possibleresolutionin support of Coal-Fired Power Prohibition Act of 2013
CommissionerQuinn introducedthis resolution,explainingthat thereis one coal-firedpower
plant in the District,the CapitolPowerPlant at25 E Street,SE,which is only 3 blocksfrom the
U.S. capitol.The plant is ownedby Congressand burnscoal to generatesteamto heatthe U.S.
Capitol,the U.S. SupremeCourt,the Libraryof Congress andotherbuildingsin CapitolHill.
The City Councilmay soonconsiderThe Coal FiredPowerProhibitionAct of 2013,which
would prohibittheuseof coalasafuel sourceforpowergeneration andsteamproductionwithin
the District.The resolutionurgesthe City Councilto supportthe Coal Fired PowerProhibition
Act of 2013and alsocallsfor a studyof alternativeand cleanenergysourcesto provide
electricityto the Capitol.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolution.
Discussionand possibleresolutionin support of Updated RenewablePortfolio Standards
Commissioner Quinn introduced this resolution,
explainingthatthe City Councilwill soon
considerthe RenewableEnergyPortfolioStandardAct of 2013,which would amendthe
RenewableEnergyPortfolioStandardAct of 2004.Specifically,the legislationwould end the
incinerationof black liquor,a by-productof the manufactureof pulp, as well as the incineration
of biomassin certaintypesof generationunits,as countingas forms of renewableenergy.The
resolutionurgesthe City Councilto passthe updatedrenewableenergyportfoliostandard.
votedunanimouslyto approvethe resolutionwith friendlyamendments.
ANC Business
Approval of May 2014Meeting Minutes
votedunanimouslyto approvethe May 2014meetingminutes.
Approval of expenditures
Commissioners votedunanimouslyto approveexpenditures:$762.50to Loren Steinfor
administrativeservices;$75.44to FedExfor copyingservices.
The commissionadjourned
at 11:02pm.