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Meeting Date: Sept. 10, 2014

Uploaded on: Oct. 8, 2014

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ANC 2F | Regular Monthly Public Meeting
Peter Lallas (2F01) Sherri Kimbel, Councilmember Evans’ Office
Walt Cain (2F02) Sgt. David Terestre, MPD (PSA 307)
Stephanie Dahle (2F03) Daniel Herrington, SketchFactor
John Fanning (2F04) Reyna Alorro, DMPED
Jim Lamare (2F05) Dani Levinas, ICE-DC
Greg Melcher (2F06) Commissioner Walter Hilton, ANC 6E
Matt Raymond (2F07)
Kevin Deeley (2F08)
Meeting called to order by Vice Chairman Walt Cain at 7:03 p.m. with quorum.
Commissioner Announcements
Community Forum
Report from Councilmember Jack Evans’ Office Sherri Kimbel
Sherri Kimbel of Councilmember Jack Evans’ shared that the Council recess would end next
Tuesday, and that Kimbel is still working with DDOT to address replacement of the flexipad
material on the sidewalks of Rhode Island Ave, NW.
Metropolitan Police Department PSA 307 Update Sgt. David Terestre
Sgt. Terestre presented the monthly crime report. Terestre noted that while “violent crimes against
the person” are down since last month, 307’s overall crime numbers are up over last month due to
a rise in “crimes against property.” Persistent theft of bicycles—especially those stored in the
basement parking garages of condo buildings—are mainly behind the increased crime numbers.
Terestre addressed Commission and community concerns about a lack of MPD responsiveness to
the August 31 shooting that happened in the early morning hours of August 31 across the street
from Asbury United Methodist Church (11th & K St, NW). Terestre accepted community feedback
but noted that the location in question was within the MPD 1st District.
Demonstration of SketchFactor mobile app Daniel Herrington
Sketchfactor co-founder and CTO Daniel Herrington provided a demonstration of the Sketchfactor
mobile app, which is a free, community-driven, crowd sourced data and information aggregator for
reporting safety, security, and other nuisances. Herrington encouraged attendees and community
members to download the app, which is available on iPhone now and Adroid starting Sep 30th.
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ODMPED and ICE-DC Team Franklin School Project Update Reyna Alorro & Dani Levinas
Reyna Alorro of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development returned
to the Commission with ICE-DC Executive Director Dani Levinas to provide an update on the status
of the Franklin School redevelopment project to rehabilitate the National Historic Landmark school
building into a dynamic arts space. The ODMPED/ICE-DC team is currently working on the legal
agreements needed to secure two needed designations from the DC Council: a “surplus”
designation and a “disposition” designation. These designations will allow the District to turn the
building over to the development team so that it may move forward with the project.
Community Announcements
1. Janice Ferraby, President of the Tenants Association at the Cambridge, and affordable housing
advocate, invited community members to the Seventh Annual Tenant Summit on September
13. Ferraby also raised community awareness about the rent control-related bills being
considered by the D.C. Council: B20-830 and B20-837.
2. Elsayed Mansour, At-Large Board Member of the Logan Circle Community Association,
promoted the upcoming LCCA Happy Hour on October 7 at B2. Mansour also promoted
LCCA’s annual House Tour on December 7.
Commissioner Raymond, who arrived before the start of the Business Meeting, noted there was
quorum to conduct business.
Approval of Agenda
Commissioner Raymond moved to approve the meeting agenda without modification; the motion
was seconded and approved unanimously by the Commission.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Approval of Minutes for August 6, 2014 Regular Monthly Public Meeting
The draft August 6, 2014 meeting minutes were not ready for approval by the Commission. No
action was taken.
Committee Reports
ABRA Policy Committee (APC) Commissioner John Fanning, Chair
Commissioner Fanning moved adoption of the APC report from its August 20 meeting, which
consisted of the following: 1) recommended support for an amendment to Cher Cher Ethiopian
Restaurant and Mart’s (1334 9th St, NW) Settlement Agreement allowing for alcoholic beverage
service until 1AM Sunday through Thursday and until 2AM on Friday and Saturday (with the explicit
understanding that alcoholic beverage service is to end half hour beforehand); 2) no action on
&Pizza’s (1400 K St, NW) ABRA application for beer and wine service hours, due to the
establishment’s location in the Central Business District without abutting residential properties, and;
3) recounting of APC advice given to Studio Theatre (1501 14th St, NW) about their desire for both
extended hours of alcoholic beverage service and a chance of license class from D-X to C-X. The
Committee report was seconded and adopted by unanimous consent.
Vote: 6-0 (unanimous)
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Community Development Committee (CDC) Commissioner Walt Cain, Chair
Commissioner Cain presented the report from the CDC’s August 27 meeting. The report included
the Committee’s recommendation for support of the BZA rear yard setback special exception for
1738 14th St, NW. The Committee report was adopted by unanimous consent.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Cain then presented two CDC business items that did not receive unanimous Committee support to
the Commission for its consideration.
Cain moved that the Commission endorse “Scheme C” for the rear finishing materials at 1250 9th
St, NW (The Colonel), as presented by developer CAS Riegler, to HPRB. The CDC voted 8-1 to
support Scheme C, which proposed a stucco finish for the upper three levels of the rear side of the
building, clapboard siding for the second and third floors, and stone for the first level. Cain’s motion
was seconded and approved unanimously by the Commisison.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Cain moved that the ANC recommend HPRB approval of concept and massing for the project at
928 O St, NW, a proposed three-unit residential development in a currently vacant lot near Naylor
Court. The CDC voted 8-1 in support of HPRB concept and massing. Cain’s motion was seconded,
with a friendly amendment by Cain himself that the concept and massing of the project are not
incompatible with the historic nature of the block, and approved unanimously by the Commisison.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Crime and Public Safety Committee (CPSC) Commissioner Peter Lallas, Chair
Commissioner Lallas shared that he plans to reach out to the Chair of the D.C. Human Trafficking
Task Force and request that he attend a future ANC meeting, given the relation of the task force’s
work to the persistent issue of prostitution in ANC 2F.
Education Committee Commissioner John Fanning and Evelyn Boyd Simmons, Co-Chairs
Evenly Boyd Simmons shared that the Deputy Mayor for Education’s Boundary Feeder and Student
Assignment Committee had submitted its final report to the mayor after years of work. Mayor Gray
has accepted the recommendations in the entirety, but the fate of the report and its
recommendations will hinge on who is elected as Gray’s successor.
Simmons stated that she, on behalf of the Education Committee, would come back to the ANC 2F
Commission in the new year to reinvigorate the charge of the Committee’s proposed
recommendations, as well as a plan to move forward with a “city center” middle school for ANC
2F’s (and Ward 2’s) feeder system.
Old Business
Surplus and disposition designation support request for ICE-DC Franklin School project
Commissioner Deeley moved that ANC 2F write the D.C. Council a letter supporting the disposition
designation of the Franklin School so that DMPED and ICE-DC may move forward with the
redevelopment project; the motion was seconded and approved unanimously by the Commission.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
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New Business
Consideration of “Moms in Logan Circle” grant application for Little Goblins Parade
Commissioner Fanning of 2F-04 presented the ANC 2F grant application submitted by Joelle
Myers, on behalf of “Moms in Logan Circle,” for the Annual Little Goblins Parade. The grant
application requested $350 to help defray general expenses associated with the 4 th Annual Little
Goblins Parade. Commissioner Cain moved that the Commission approve the grant request. Cain
asked that the check be written to the Logan Circle Community Association—a legal entity, unlike
Moms in Logan Circle—who would then transfer the funds to Moms in Logan Circle. The motion
was seconded and approved unanimously by the Commission.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Settlement Agreement amendment for 1423 P St, NW (Logan Tavern)
SA amendment related to sidewalk operating hours
Commissioner Fanning, on behalf of Logan Tavern restaurant at 1423 P St, NW, moved that the
Commission grant the Applicant’s request to extend its sidewalk operating hours to 11PM from
Sunday through Thursday, and to midnight on Friday and Saturday, in line with other
establishments on the block. Fanning noted that while this business item would normally go through
the ABRA Policy Committee first, the nature of the request was clearly and reasonably in line with
the Settlement Agreements of neighboring establishments. Fanning’s motion was seconded and
approved unanimously by the Commission.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Treasurer’s Report
Approval of Expenditures
Commissioner Melcher presented the following expenditures:
1. Check #1238 in the amount of $834.93, payable to Executive Director Adam Beebe, for August
2014 salary;
2. Check #1239 in the amount of $320.39 ($356.25 before employer and tax withholdings),
payable to Adam Beebe, as a one-time salary payment for additional hours worked ($47.50 x
7.5 hours) resolving an ongoing IRS tax year 2011 issue that was beyond the scope of Beebe’s
normal duties;
3. Check #1240 in the amount of $350.00, payable to the Logan Circle Community Association (on
behalf and to be disbursed to the Moms in Logan Circle), as grant funds for the Little Goblins
Total expenses: $1,505.32
Melcher moved for the approval of all expenses totaling $1,505.32; the motion was seconded and
approved unanimously by the Commission.
Vote: 8-0 (unanimous)
Commissioner Cain moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded and approved
unanimously by the Commission. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.
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