ANC 2F Meeting Summary for June 04, 2014

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Meeting Date: June 4, 2014

Uploaded on: June 11, 2014

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June 4, 2014 Monthly Public Meeting Summary*

SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to the upcoming July 4th holiday, the next ANC 2F monthly public meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 9, 2014at 7pm at the Washington Plaza Hotel. Subscribers to ANC 2F’s email list will receive future reminders about the date change.

In the absence of ANC 2F Chairman Matt Raymond, Vice-Chairman Walt Cain conducted the June 2014 monthly public meeting.


  • Michael Fabrikant of the Executive Office of the Mayor introduced himself as the new Ward 2 Liaison who will be taking over for James Bulger. Fabrikant encouraged attendees and Ward 2 residents to reach out to him with concerns related to the city and/or city agencies. He can be reached at[email protected] or 202-297-6566.
  • Sgt. Terestre of Metropolitan Police Department PSA 307 presented themonthly crime report.  There were two robberies without guns last month in PSA 307, both of which were cell phone grab incidents along the PSA 308 border. A man armed with a BB gun also shot at a petty cab driver in Blagden Alley. Terestre noted ongoing car theft incidents on the 9th Street Corridor between L St, NW and O St, NW near the Convention Center. The Commissioners and Councilmember Jack Evans pressed Terestre for information about MPD’s ongoing efforts to curb prostitution in the area. Up-to-date crime stats and data can be found on MPD’s website.
  • Donna Cooper, President of Pepco, was present to provide information about a potential merger between Pepco and Exelon Corporation. The April 30 merger announcement will potentially create a sizeable Mid-Atlantic electric and gas utility. See the attached flyer for more information about the merger process, timeline, proposed benefits, and contact information for inquiries.
  • Councilmember Jack Evans was on hand to provide an update. Evans shared that the Council recently sent the marked up fiscal year 2015 budget back to Mayor Gray. The FY15 budget includes $159 million in additional available spending over the FY14 budget. Evans detailed the most salient aspects of the marked up budget, including: fully continued funding of all FY14 budget items plus automatic increases; a substantial ($80 million) increase in school system funding (including early childhood intervention programs and school renovations); broad-based tax relief to be phased in over a five-year period; an increase in the earned income tax credit; and an increase in the estate tax threshold to $5.2 million. Evans noted that D.C.’s finances remain among the strongest in the nation.
  • Mattilda Cox, an ANC 2F resident on Vermont Avenue, NW, shared information about a yet-to-be developed community grant request to install iron tree boxes on Rhode Island Ave, NW and Vermont Ave, NW between Thomas and Logan Circles.


  • No update since there was not an APC meeting in May.
  • The next APC meeting will be Wednesday, June 18, 7pm at the N Street Village (1333 N St, NW) 2nd Floor Multipurpose Room.


  • No update since there was not a CDC meeting in May.
  • Commissioner Cain shared that since the citywide Visitor Parking Program (VPP) was instituted for ANC 2F last month, nearly 400 passes have been issued to ANC 2F residents.
  • The next CDC meeting will be Wednesday, June 25, 7pm at the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW). 


  • No update since there was not a CPSC meeting in May.
  • The next CPSC meeting will be within the next month (date, time, and location TBD).


  • At the next Ward 2 Education Network meeting on Saturday, June 14 from 10am –11:30am at Luther Place Memorial Church (1226 Vermont Ave, NW), Ms. Joyanna Smith, newly appointed independent Public School Ombudsman, will be introduced to the community.


  • The Commission briefly discussed the parameters for a community grant application and award process for ANC 2F funds. Commissioner Cain suggested that the Commissioners collaborate offline with the goal of presenting written guidelines for consideration at the July 9, 2014 regular monthly public meeting.