ANC 2D Minutes for June 16, 2014



Meeting Date: June 16, 2014

Uploaded on: Aug. 17, 2014

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June 16, 2014, 7:00PM             

Our Lady Queen of the Americas

2200 California Street


1.   Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.   A quorum was established: Present were 2 Commissioners and 18 residents/guests.

3.   Agenda was Approved as distributed.

4.   Minutes of the May 19, 2014, Meeting were Approved as published.

5.   Administrative/Financial Matters: 

5.1 Treasurer’s Report…Treasurer Lamar reported the current fund balance was $2,986.56.  Only expenditure was for bank service charges of $13.00.

6.   DC Gov’t Reports:                             

6.1   MPD (PSA 208)... Lieutenant Jesse J. Porter, Jr…

        [email protected]

6.2   Mayor’s Office... Michael Fabrikant…[email protected]

6.3   Council Member’s Office…Sherri Kimbel; [email protected]… Ms. Kimbel spoke briefly of the Fiscal Year Budget that will be before the Council at the end of the month.  She agreed to look into the closing of the sidewalk at 2301 Wyoming Avenue.        

7.   Old Business:

7.1  Policies and Procedures Manual…Deferred until September 15, Meeting.

7.2  Update on Playground Restoration of Mitchell Park…See Exhibit A

8.   New Business:

8.1  Rear renovation to 1812 24th Street—Eric Bruce; after a discussion and presentation of the Site Plans, Commissioner Lamar moved, and it was seconded, that “ANC 2D fully supports the renovations to the rear exterior of 1812 24th Street as presented to the ANC at its June 16th Meeting and described in the Site Plans dated 6-16-2014.  APPROVED

8.2  Spanish Steps Wedding, Sept 20, 2014—Goldman…The Commission supported the approval provided by the President of the Spanish Steps Preservation Project and Endowment Fund for the Goldman Wedding to be held at the STEPS on September 20, 1014.

8.3  2118 Bancroft Place, Roof Deck—Pettit; following a presentation and discussion action on the project was postponed until the September 15, 2014, meeting.

8.4  Electric and Gas Utilities….Electric and Gas Utilities… Marc Battle, Vice-President for PEPCO.  On April 30th, Exelon Corporation and Pepco Holdings announced an agreement to combine the two companies. This would bring together Exelon's electric and gas utilities; BGE, ComEd and PECO; and Pepco Holdings electric and gas utilities; Pepco, Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco; creating the leading Mid-Atlantic electric and gas utilities. Highlights of the proposed agreement were noted with the assurance that the community would be kept apprised the process.  As in the past the Public Services Commission must act upon the filing prior to any further action.

9.   Announcements:

9.1 Commissioner Lamar reported 1) on the street cleanup work being done on Decatur Street and 2) that the Albanian Embassy has signed a contract for renovation work to their property at Florida and S Streets.

9.2 Holly Sukenik spoke of 3 Mitchell Park Projects:

        1. The Free Library Box has been installed and residents are making use of it.

        2.  Art is being placed in various locations in the park through a cooperative project with the Washington Studio School.

        3. The Park is sponsoring its first-annual neighborhood photo contest—entries must be submitted by 10/1/2014. 

For further information, contact Holly Sukenik, [email protected]

10. Open Comments:  A resident provided an update on the construction project at 2225 California Street expressing concern on the exterior cornice work and the materials being used.  Commissioner Bender agreed to share with Steve Callcott these concerns and seek information as to whether or not the project is in compliance with the approved site and material plans.

11. Date of Next Meeting—September 15, 2014

12. Motion to Adjourn was made by Commissioner Lamar, seconded, and Approved at 7:55 PM.



Exhibit A:

Highlights of May 30th meeting with DPR/DGS:

Work will start June 9. Schedule will be from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The West side of the Park will be closed during construction, the East side from the Rec House and the planting areas on, will be open to the public. 23rd Street between Bancroft and S along the park will be reserved for work and equipment parking.

They are aware of the wastewater problem coming from the toilets and will handle that at the beginning in case they have to do some trenching.

They promised to be double careful regarding our plantings, bushes and trees.

The mother with children complained about the start of the job in June, why wouldn’t they work in August when it is too hot for regular people!

Jon came back with the idea of a canopy.......  a water feature......

DPR decided against the latter because of civil responsibilities if not supervised by a DPR officer, expense for burying new waterlines, drainage.

They also are against a canopy because of the lack of strong enough posts to hold up such a vast design.

Also the new design of the play equipment will extend farther West and the play ground will loose a good part of the concrete area where presently we have 3 benches + a picnic table, and used for birthday parties.

Well all said, nothing much has changed, and everything seems to be in place for the start of the physical work.

With respect,  Pierre    (President, FOMP)




 ANC2D01......David R. Bender, PhD, Chair/Secretary

   [email protected]

ANC2D02......Eric S. Lamar, Vice-Chair/Treasurer

    [email protected]


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2D meets the third Monday of the month unless otherwise announced.  There is an open forum at each meeting for discussion of relevant issues not on the regular agenda.  For additional information go to the ANC website at ANC2D.ORG