ANC 2D Minutes for April 21, 2014



Meeting Date: April 21, 2014

Uploaded on: June 11, 2014

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April 21, 2014, 7:00PM             

Our Lady Queen of the Americas

2200 California Street

1.   The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.   A quorum was established:  Present were 2 Commissioners and 24 residents/guests.

3.   Agenda was Approved as distributed.

4.   Meeting Minutes for March 25, 2014, were Approved as published.

5.   Administrative/Financial Matters:  

5.1 Treasure’s Report…Treasurer Lamar reported the fund balance for ANC 2D is $3,012.56. 

6.   DC Gov’t Reports                             

6.1   MPD (PSA 208)... Lieutenant Jesse J. Porter, Jr.  [email protected]

6.2   Mayor’s Office...James Bulger…[email protected]

6.3   Council Member’s Office..Sarina Loy…Sarina is out of the office from April 9th through July 9th.  If you need assistance contact; Sherri Kimbel; [email protected];202-724-8058

7.   Old Business

7.1     CFO and Property Assessments…David Umansky, Public Affairs Officer for the Chief Financial Officer has extended an invitation to the residents of 2D for a presentation on the Property Assessment process.  After discussions, it was agreed that Commission Bender would make arrangements for a Fall meeting.

7.2    Egyptian Military Building—Tracy Place…The Department of State has approved a renovation of the property with a projected end date of one year.  The property will become the residence for the Egyptian Defense Attaché.

7.3     Zoning diplomatic overly…Doug Labossiere; Gave a status report on the revisions being investigated by the Sheridan-Kalorama Neighborhood Council.  Following discussion, Commissioner Lamar moved that, “ ANC 2D fully supports Resolution 2014-06: Resolution on Foreign Missions for the Zoning Regulations Review”.  Approved  See Exhibit A

7.4    SHERIDAN KALORAMA HISTORIC DISTRICT: 2419 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, HPA 14-245, concept/side additions, fence.  The Historic Preservation Review Board found the concept compatible with the character of the Massachusetts Avenue Historic District on the condition that the new metal fence is fabricated of iron rather than steel.  (Embassy of the Republic of Zambia)                                                                                           

8.   New Business                                                                        

8.1    Request for June Wedding at Spanish Steps; Daly… Commissioner Bender moved and it was seconded that “ANC 2D approve the request to hold a wedding on June 21, 2014, at the Spanish Steps and inform DC DPR Permit Office of this action.”  Approved                                                                                                                                                                                 

8.2     Protection of Trees…Restore Mass. Ave:  Rob Nevitt shared with the Commission a request for ANC 2D to support “Draft ANC3C testimony on Zoning Case 06-08A; Applicable to Subtitle D 1704.1, 1704.2, 1704.3; Regulations regarding Removal and Protection of Trees”.  Commissioner Lamar moved that ANC 2D support the testimony of ANC 3D”.  Motion failed due to lack of a second.

9.   Announcements  

9.1 Friends of Mitchell Park…Holly Sukenik announced that on April 27th, from 3 to 5 PM, FOMP will hold a Children’s Event.  Sheridan-Kalorama Walking Tour…As part of their 10th Anniversary Celebration, FOMP will sponsor tours of Sheridan-Kalorama with Sally Berk -- architect, preservationist, and 33-year resident of S-K.  The tour will conclude with a wine and cheese reception on the Berks patio.  $25/ticket, limited to 20 people for each tour.  Dates: May 4, Sunday;  May 17, Saturday (One Rain date: May 18, Sunday)  Meeting:  Mitchell Park in front of the Rec Building Time: 10 am will last until 1 pm.  For questions you can contact Holly at: [email protected] or 332-2952.

9.2 FY2015 BUDGET WARD 2 TOWN HALL MEETINGS:  Thursday, April 24th; 6:30 - 8:30 PM; Charles Sumner School; 1201 17th Street, NW.  

10.Open Comments                                                                              

10.1  A resident voiced concern over the infestation of rats in the alley behind her home.  Commissioner Lamar agreed to discuss the issue with her.                                                                                                         

11. Date of Next Meeting—May 19, 2014                                                    

12. Motion to Adjourn was made by Commissioner Lamar, was seconded, and Approved at 7:55 PM.

Exhibit A: ANC 2D RESOLUTION 2014-06; Resolution on Foreign Missions for the Zoning Regulations Review

Whereas the ZRR would eliminate the Diplomatic Overlay which has directed where Chanceries could locate and instead will permit Chanceries in residential neighborhoods by special exception resulting in more widespread location of Chanceries in residential neighborhoods which currently have no Chanceries, and

Whereas Chanceries represent a significant intrusion of non-residential use in a residential neighborhood which create significant demands on limited resources by increasing traffic, demand for parking and large events and represent the office or commercial use of a property in a residential neighborhood and diminish the residential character of the neighborhood, and

Whereas the office like nature of the Chancery use is not in keeping with the institutions that are allowed to exist in a neighborhood as either a matter of right such as churches and public schools or even in keeping with private schools or community groups which are allowed to exist by special exception, and

Whereas the ZRR as currently written could be interpreted to mean that once a residential square has a church, educational use or other institutional uses approved by special exception, the remainder of the square could be further concentrated with more non-residential use, and

Whereas there is apparently no up to date map of the squares which meet the current threshold of 33% square occupancy for institutional use, and

Be it Therefore Resolved that ANC 2D supports increasing the square occupancy to 50% for the institutional threshold for consideration of any additional non-residential use including a Chancery, and

ANC 2D recommends that the ZZR contain an explicit requirement that an accurate map of the squares with an accurate inventory of non residential properties be maintained, and

ANC 2D recommends that instructions that are allowed to exist in a residential neighborhood either by matter of right or by special exception not be counted toward the 50% threshold for square occupancy.

Be it Further Resolved that this Resolution will be submitted to the Zoning Board by way of ANC 2D comment on the ZRR.

Be it further resolved that the ANC 2D Chair or his designee is authorized to represent the Commission on this matter. 

This resolution was approved by a roll call vote of 2-0 on April 21, 2014, at a scheduled and noticed public meeting of ANC 2D at which a quorum was present.


ANC2D01......David R. Bender, PhD, Chair/Secretary

   [email protected]

ANC2D02......Eric S. Lamar, Vice-Chair/Treasurer

    [email protected]

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2D meets the third Monday of the month unless otherwise announced.  There is an open forum at each meeting for discussion of relevant issues not on the regular agenda.  For additional information go to the ANC website at ANC2D.ORG