ANC 2B Minutes for June 12, 2013



Meeting Date: June 12, 2013

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Brookings Institution
The June Regular Meeting of the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission
(Commission or ANC 2B) was called to order by Chairman Stephens at 7:00 pm. The
Commissioners identified their Single Member Districts (SMDs). Present were: Mike
Feldstein (2B01), Kevin O’Connor (2B02), Stephanie Maltz (2B03), Abigail Nichols
(2B05), Leo Dwyer (2B07), Will Stephens (2B08), and Noah Smith (2B09).
Commissioner Silverstein (2B06) arrived late due to his duties on the ABC Board and
Kishan Putta (2B04) running late as well. The Chair noted the presence of a quorum.
Commissioner Feldstein moved to approve May 2013 regular meeting minutes.
Seconded by Commissioner O’Connor. Passed 7-0.
Public Announcements
1. 17th Street Moratorium listening sessions 6/24/13 7pm @ Chastleton
2. Stead Park Films – (Lindsay Reishmann & Friends of Stead): announced that at
8:30pm on June 25th, July 30th, & August 27th, they will be showing movies in the
park. Commissioner Stephens moved to provide a letter of support Seconded by
Commissioner Feldstein. Passed 7-0.
3. FAIR Girls Swiss Embassy Dinner/Jazz Evening 6/27/13 (Andrea Powell): 6:30-
4. Ross Elementary Updates: Tim Touchette announced that the school year ending and
provided the latest news about Ross. They raised $65,000 at the Auction, Currently
working on developing a middle school and feeder school for more options, and 50+
Ross students and families attended the Pride Parade.
5. Jackson Carnes with Dupont Circle Main Streets announced that they are working
with WMATA to beautify the area. Also the Discover 18th Street event is on Tuesday
June 24th.
6. Ian Swain-DDOT-New Hampshire Ave provided project updates. The construction
update schedule is on the website: On 6/28/13 the
traffic light outage in Dupont Circle will be worked on and resolved. Starting 6/13/13
from 1313 New Hampshire Ave, no left or right hand turns on M St will be allowed.
There will be a traffic control officer at Dupont Circle start date TBD. The next
stakeholders meeting will be held on 6/20/13.
7. Ward 2 Organizer for Jack Evans’ mayoral campaign introduced herself.
8. Commissioner O’Connor reminded everyone to use #anc2b on Twitter
9. Jackson Carnes announced that the N.Dupont Circle station exit sidewalk will be
under construction for next 60 days.
10. Commissioner Putta announced that every small business in DC will have to change
healthcare plan
Alcohol Applications
No action taken on the following renewals:
1. Cafe Japone, 2032 P Street NW (2B02) Petition 6/17/13, Hearing 7/1/13
2. Heritage India, 1901 Penn Ave NW (2B06) Petition 6/17/13, Hearing 7/1/13
3. Noodles & Company, 1667 K St. NW (2B05) Petition 6/24/2013, Hearing 7/8/2013
4. Taqueria Nacional, 1409 T St, NW (2B09) Petition 7/8/2013, Hearing 7/22/2013
Application for a new DR license for Smashburger (1736 Connecticut Avenue
NW) (ABRA-091650) Hours: Sunday through Saturday 10am-11pm (2B01)
Commissioner Feldstein moved to support. Seconded by Commissioner O’Connor.
Passed 8-0.
Application for significant change to Settlement Agreement: Termination of SA
for Policy Restaurant (#076804), 1902-1906 14th ST NW. Petition Date: July
8, 2013. Hearing Date: July 22, 2013 (2B09)
Commissioner Smith moved to protest on the grounds of Peace Order and Quiet subject
to negotiations of a new Settlement agreement. Seconded by Commissioner O’Connor.
Passed 8-0.
Application for new CR license and Stipulated license by Skillset, Inc.
Name TBD (2029 P St NW)(# 092250)Hours Sun-Thurs 11am-12am; Fri-Sat
11am-2am interior only. Petition date: July 29, 2013; Roll call: August 12,
2013. (2B02)
Commissioner O’Connor moved to support the stipulated license. Seconded by
Commissioner Maltz. Passed 8-0.
Application for conversion from DT to CR license, Asia 54 (2122 P St NW)
Commissioner O’Connor moved to support. Seconded by Commissioner Feldstein.
Passed 8-0.
HPRB & Zoning Applications
Application to HPRB for construction at 1451 S St NW (2B09)
Converting a 2-story rowhouse to a 3-story rowhouse. ZPD recommended supporting.
Commissioner Smith read the following resolution, which was seconded by
Commissioner Dwyer.
WHEREAS this project is located within the U Street Historic District and intends to
extend the lot coverage and add a third story; and
WHEREAS this third story addition is not visible from anywhere on the 1400 block of S
St. NW, nor the intersection of 15th and S St. NW; and
WHEREAS the Dupont ANC 2B finds this project as presented to be in line with the
historic character of the neighborhood; and
WHEREAS the abutting property owners risk the loss of light and air quality, including
from new construction several feet beyond that of the abutting property in the rear,
and from the recent loss of a large mature tree in the backyard of 1451 S St NW; and
WHEREAS the designer has offered to work with neighbors to use materials and
methods that are as least intrusive as possible to the historical character of the
neighborhood and quality of life of neighbors.
Therefore BE IT RESOLVED that ANC 2B supports this project as presented.
Commissioner Smith later withdrew the motion. Commissioner Stephens moved to
request a 1 month extension from HPRB to properly notify neighbors and allow them
the opportunity to voice their concerns. Seconded by Commissioner Dwyer. Passed 9-0.
Application to HPRB for construction at 1733 16th St NW (2B04)
Commissioner Putta moved to support as presented. Seconded by Commissioner
Feldstein. Passed 9-0.
Public Space Applications
Application for Taqueria Nacional, 1409 T St, for DDOT Public Space Permit
(Tracking #81215) – Sidewalk Cafe (2B09)
Commissioner Smith moved to support. Seconded by Commissioner Feldstein. Friendly
amendment by Commissioner Stephens to assure that the fountain is drained & covered
nightly. Seconded by Commissioner Feldstein. Passed 9-0.
General Items
ANC 2B Statement of Goals – Commissioner Stephens informed that they are
planning a future meeting to go over goals and what’s been accomplished.
Committee & Liaison Reports
ABRA Policy Committee
1. The next meeting is on 6/19/13 at the Resource Center (Third Wednesdays). The
meeting will be covering the 17th St Moratorium & Policy & Procedures Manual.
2. Committee member Stephanie Sheridan is moving to Boston.
Zoning, Preservation & Development Committee
1. The next meeting is on Tuesday 7/2/13 7pm at the Resource Center (First Tuesdays)
Community Involvement Committee
1. Next Meeting: TBD@ Resource Center (Third Mondays)
Commissioner Reports
Neighboring Jurisdiction Reports (if any): West End/Foggy Bottom (2B06), Adams
Morgan (2B01, 2B08), Kalorama (2B01, 2B02), Logan Circle (2B04, 2B05, 2B09),
Georgetown (2B06), Columbia Heights/Shaw (2B09)
Zoning Application for 13th St Park was approved.
Short Reports on Old Business:
NU=No Update
1. 1816 19th St NW: HPRB concept (2B01) Approved
2. 1726 18th St NW: zoning variance (2B01) NU
3. 1412 Hopkins St NW: zoning variance (2B02) NU
4. Indonesian Embassy: statue in public space (2B02)NU
5. Sakana: summer garden (2B02) Approved
6. Hotel Palomar: valet parking (2B02) NU
7. 2123 Twining Ct: HPRB (2B02) NU
8. 1506 19th St NW: DDOT sidewalk cafe (2B03) NU
9. Circa: amended Settlement Agreement (2B03) Ready to Sign
10. 1200 17th Street NW: pavers & benches (2B05) Had massive flood; NU
11. Catch 15: new CT license (2B05) NU
12. Noodles & Co: sidewalk cafe (2B05) NU
13. Freshfarm Vermont Ave Market: public space (2B05) Approved
14. BLT Steak: valet parking (2B05) NU
15. 901 16th St NW: massing review (2B05) Approved
16. Balletto: license renewal (2B05) Hearings Postponed
17. Third Church: PUD (2B05) Re-do letter of support
18. Hampton Inn: Class B liquor (2B06) Approved
19. Rice Bar: New CR license (2B06) Commissioner Maltz moved to withdraw protest.
Seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 8-0.
20. 1321 21st St NW: new construction (2B06) Ongoing
21. 1900 M St NW: public benches (2B06) Approved
22. 1216 18th St NW: HPRB concept design (2B06) Approved
23. 1785 Mass Ave NW: HPRB concept design (2B07) Boing back to HPRB in July
24. 1337 Conn Ave NW: zoning variances (2B07) NU
25. 1902 17th St NW: new roof addition (2B08) Application Pulled
26. 1531 T St NW: roof deck (2B09) Approved
27. Vending regulations (O’Connor): Council agreed w/ the ANC
28. Golden Triangle BID: charter & partnership (Stephens): NU
29. Delta Sigma Theta: Ongoing
30. U Street moratorium (Smith) Ongoing
31. Resource Center (Stephens/Feldstein): Draft of construction document for bids has
been composed
32. MLK Library (Maltz) Steph suggesting adding MLK to budgeting act resolution
33. Garrison School project (Maltz) Ongoing
Administrative/Financial Matters
1. Finances/Treasurer Report & approval of expenses
Commissioner Maltz moved to approve the following Pride expenditures:
Car $142.60
Gas $7.14
+ Sign Express $280.00
Total: $429.74
Seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 8-0.
2. Commissioner Feldstein moved to approve $69.95 spent on candy during Pride.
Seconded by Commissioner Stephens. Passed 8-0.
Adjournment (9:37pm)