ANC 2B Minutes for January 09, 2013



Meeting Date: Jan. 9, 2013

Uploaded on: Aug. 26, 2013

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 2012 Brookings Institution
January 2013 Minutes
The January Regular Meeting of the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission (Commission or ANC
2B) was called to order by Chairman Stephens at 7:00 pm. The Commissioners identified their Single Member
Districts (SMDs). Present were: Mike Feldstein (2B01), Kevin O’Connor (2B02), Stephanie Maltz (2B03),
Kishan Putta (2B04), Leo Dwyer (2B07), Will Stephens (2B08), and Noah Smith (2B09). Commissioner
Silverstein (2B06) expected for late arrival due to his duties on the ABC Board.
Election of ANC Officers & Committee Chairs
Commissioner Smith moved to nominate the following as ANC Officers for 2013. Seconded by Commissioner
O’Connor and Passed 7-0.
Chair: Will Stephens
Vice Chair: Michael Feldstein
Treasurer: Stephanie Maltz
Secretary: Michael Silverstein
Commissioner Stephens moved to nominate the following as heads for committees. Seconded by Commissioner
Feldstein & Passed 7-0.
ABRA Policy Committee: Kevin O’Connor
Community Involvement Committee: Mike Feldstein
Zoning, Preservation, & Development Committee: Leo Dwyer
Public Safety Liaisons: Noah Smith & Kishan Putta
2B06 Liquor Liaison: Stephanie Maltz
Commissioner O’Connor moved to approve December 2012 regular meeting minutes. Seconded by
Commissioner Feldstein. Passed 7-0
Public Announcements
• Commissioner Stephens announced that community members could sign up for the Commission’s email list.
Also announced that Freddie Blicher will be stepping down as Web/IT consultant.
• Commissioner O’Connor reminded everyone to use #ANC2B on Twitter
• Passport DC (May 2012) by Cultural Tourism DC would like to use Resource Center on May 2nd, 4th & 6th
as a headquarters for the event and to stage materials. Commissioner Stephens moved to support use of the
center. Seconded by Commissioner Maltz. Passed 7-0
• Commissioner Feldstein announced that Dupont Festival will have a Groundhog Day event on Feb 2nd at 8am
at Dupont Circle.
• DCCA will be having their annual gathering at the Arlington House on Jan 16th at 7:30pm.
• Mark Bjorge – Director of Communications for Jack Evans – has been hired to fill the vacancy left by Andrew
Huff and will be handling the Dupont Circle neighborhood ([email protected])
• Mike Tucker with CSMI-DDOT Connecticut Ave Streetscape Project announced that the median construction
is finished and they are now working on the sidewalk on L & K Streets; also putting up traffic signals. The
project ends in March. For the New Hampshire Ave. project they are putting in concrete barriers from O Street