ANC 2A Agenda for July 16, 2014



Meeting Date: July 16, 2014

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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A
“Serving the Foggy Bottom and West End communities of Washington, D.C.”
Regular Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, July 16, 2014; 7:00 p.m.
G.W.U. School of Media & Public Affairs – 805 21st Street, N.W. Room No. 310
7:00 pm I. Call to Order (Patrick Kennedy, Chair)
a. Introduction of commissioners
b. Adoption of the agenda
7:05 pm II. Community Forum (25 min.)
a. Public safety report
b. Update on the New Hampshire Avenue Streetscape Project
c. Report from the Office of Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans
d. Update from the Ward 2 Education Network
e. Announcements and public comments
7:30 pm III. General Agenda (30 min.)
a. Presentation by G.W.U. of details regarding its acquisition of Corcoran holdings
8:00 pm IV. Matters before the Zoning Commission (45 min.)
a. Consideration of follow-up action regarding an application by Hillel and G.W.U. for zoning relief
and a related Campus Plan amendment for subject property (2300 H Street)
b. Application of Professional Associates and the International Finance Corporation (Case No. 14-04)
for Approval of a Consolidated PUD (2100 K Street)
8:45 pm V. Matters before the Historic Preservation Review Board (30 min.)
a. Consideration of the proposed “George Washington/West End Historic District” (Case 14-12) in
Squares 58, 77-81, 101-104, 121, and 122
9:15 pm VI. Matters before the Mayor’s Special Events Task Force (5 min.)
a. Request for a letter of support from “Best Buddies International” to stage the “5th Annual Best
Buddies Challenge” on October 18, 2014
9:20 pm VII. Administrative Items (40 min.)
a. Approval of the May and June Commission meeting minutes
b. Second reading of revisions to the Commission’s bylaws
c. Discussion and expense approval related to the Commission’s unemployment filings
10:00 pm VIII. Adjournment
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. #293 • Washington, DC 20006 •