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Meeting Date: April 16, 2014

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Regular Meeting Minutes  
Wednesday, April 16, 2014; 7:00 p.m.  
Heart House – 2400 N Street, N.W.  
Call to Order  
Chair Patrick Kennedy (01) called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm. Commissioners
Rebecca Coder (02), Armando Irizarry (04), Graham Galka (05), Florence Harmon (06),
and Peter Sacco (08) were present. Commissioner Carnes later arrived at 9:38 pm.
Chair Kennedy made a motion to adopt the agenda. Commissioner Coder seconded the
motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 6-0).  
Community Forum  
New Hampshire Avenue Streetscape Update  
Ian Swain from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) was present to give an
update on the project. He said that 24th Street NW is open and the island at New
Hampshire Avenue and 24th Street has been fixed. He also said that new cast iron fencing
is being installed around Washington Circle.  
Mr. Swain said that two-way traffic on the section of New Hampshire Avenue between
Washington Circle and L Street will start mid May, and that the public will be heavily
notified when two-way traffic will start. He ended by saying the New Hampshire Avenue
project would be out of the corridor in June.  
Update from the DC State Board of Education  
Mary Lord, the At-Large member of the DC State Board of Education, was present to
give an update on the board of education’s activities. Ms. Lord spoke about the boundary
and feeder pattern update proposals. She also gave credit to the great schools we have in
our neighborhood.  
Commissioner Announcements  
Multiple commissioners made public announcements.  
General Agenda  
Update from the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s Office on
Stevens School Disposition and Temporary West End Fire Station  
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Anna Shapiro, the project manager from the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic
Development’s office for the Stevens School and West End Library projects, was present
to give an update. She said that DC Public Library is currently working on the new
library space in the Watergate complex for the West End Library’s temporary location.
She also said that the Deputy Mayor’s office is getting ready to close on the financing for
the library parcel and that the DC Court of Appeals has denied the motion for the re-
hearing of the land use deal brought forth by the DC Library Renaissance Project.  
With regards to the West End Fire Station parcel, Ms. Shapiro said that the temporary fire
station construction agreements have been signed and that site work at the Stevens
School temporary location should begin in May.  
Commissioner Harmon asked Ms. Shapiro to provide the ANC a list of amenities agreed
to by Akridge before the final land agreement is submitted to the DC Council. Ms.
Harmon had a question about the specifics of the scholarship that Akridge had previously
agreed to. A representative from Akridge was present at the meeting to talk about the
details of the scholarship.  
Presentation and Discussion on GW Police Department Off-Campus Policing Proposal  
Renee McPhatter, GW’s Assistant Vice President for Government and Community
Relations, and Charles Barber, GW’s Deputy General Counsel, were present to talk about
the off-campus policing proposal. Mr. Barber started by saying that GW was not asking
ANC 2A to take any action on the proposal tonight.  
Ms. McPhatter then gave the background of the involvement of the Consortium of
Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area and the history of the development of
the proposal. She said that the Consortium has begun to consider seeking limited police
authority, to investigate and seek compliance of the student code of conduct, in areas
surrounding college campuses in DC.  
Mr. Barber then talked about the need for the policy change, adding that GW Police
would be present to obtain voluntary compliance.  
Commissioner Corson asked why no GW Police Department officers or representatives
had been present at any of the community meetings on the proposal. Mr. Barber said that
GW thought it was not yet the appropriate time to bring in GW Police Department
Commissioner Corson then asked why the GW police officers could not just cover their
badges instead of having GW pursue a legislative fix. Mr. Barber said he thought it
would be more effective to have officers in full uniform. Mr. Barber added that he
doesn’t think staff members, who Georgetown University use under their current
community policing agreement with the Georgetown community, are appropriate for
potential confrontations. He said that the GW police officers’ primary function would be
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to prepare a report for future student discipline and that they would not be taking any
further action outside of calling the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).  
Ellie Becker, a neighborhood resident, asked how GW police officers would handle
situations involving residents who are not students. Mr. Barber said that the GW police
officers would use a database of where students live to only engage in situations
involving students.  
Marina Streznewski, a neighborhood resident, asked how the complaint process for
special police officers (SPOs) could be improved and become more transparent. Mr.
Barber then discussed the MPD office that currently hears complaints for SPOs,
acknowledging that the complaint process could be improved.  
Chair Kennedy talked about the importance of codifying the line between SPO and MPD
jurisdiction and the possibility of a smaller legislative fix to legalize the Georgetown
University community-policing model. Mr. Barber said that GW is not proposing the
Georgetown University model as the best model.  
Regulatory Agenda  
Application by GW to Alter Admission Eligibility Criteria for the GW Health and
Wellness Center  
Commissioner Sacco recused himself from discussing and voting on this matter.  
Susi Cora, GW’s Director of Campus Planning, was present to go over the application
proposal. Ms. Cora first talked about the history of the Health and Wellness Center and
the current DC regulations that limit certain classes of membership.  
Commissioner Galka asked about the different utilization rates of each class of external
membership, which includes memberships for the residents of St. Mary’s Court, the
patrons of St. Mary’s Church, the residents of the Remington, and the students at the
School Without Walls. Ms. Cora said she did not have the exact utilization rates.  
Ms. Cora went over GW’s proposal for seeking additional users. It includes:  
● 150 memberships to community members of the 20006 and 20037 zip codes  
● An additional 100 memberships during the summer months  
● Passes for athletic competitions (squash, club sports, and intramural sports) that
draw small amounts of groups  
● Passes for periodic events that cater to the campus community (health training
sessions, science fairs, and athletic spirit events)  
● Passes for people housed in GW residence halls during the summer months  
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Barbara Kahlow, a Foggy Bottom resident, asked about the price GW would charge for
the community memberships. Ms. Cora said that it would be the same as the alumni
membership rate, which is $495 a year.  
Andre Julien, GW’s Associate Athletic Director for Health and Wellness, was also
present. He said that DC sales tax for the memberships was included in the membership
Commissioner Irizarry asked if the changes to the membership amounts would be
permanent. Ms. Cora said that GW would propose to make the minor modification
Chair Kennedy said that he heard from local residents that they would be okay with a
temporary approval, with reevaluation of the plan in 5 years.  
Commissioner Galka made a motion to conditionally support GW’s application to the
Board of Zoning Adjustment for the minor modification on the condition that the new
membership levels are on a temporary 5-year basis. Commissioner Irizarry seconded the
motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 6-0, Commissioner Sacco recused).  
Application by GW for a Permit to Erect a Sign for the Elliott School of International
Commissioner Sacco recused himself from discussing and voting on this matter.  
Susi Cora, GW’s Director of Campus Planning, also presented on this application. Ms.
Cora said that the Elliott School of International Affairs would like to install a stone sign
outside the building at street level on E Street NW. She gave out plans and drawings of
the sign to the commissioners.  
Chair Kennedy made a motion to raise no objection to the signage. Commissioner Galka
seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 6-0, Commissioner Sacco
Rehearing: Application by Hyatt Place  
Commissioner Harmon said that the ANC still has not received the public space
application for this project. Chair Kennedy said that David Avitabile, the general counsel
for the applicant, said at last month’s meeting that the public space item was on the
Public Space Committee’s agenda for later in April.  
Commissioner Harmon made a motion to renew the ANC’s existing objection to the
Hyatt Place Hotel’s public space application due to the ANC’s lack of notice, and to also
object to allowing the Public Space Committee to hear the application since the ANC has
not received the application and been given time to weigh in on it. Commissioner Coder
seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 7-0).  
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Commissioner Carnes (07) arrived at the meeting.  
Request by Shadowroom for an Extension of Allowable Operating Hours Under an
Existing Settlement Agreement to 3 a.m. from Friday, May 23rd to Sunday, May 25th  
Stephen Acott, a representative from the Shadowroom, was present to talk about the
proposal for extended hours. He said that the Shadowroom was seeking extended hours
for Memorial Day weekend, and was asking to stay open until 3 am on the night of
Sunday, May 25th. He added that they would agree to a police detail from midnight to 4
am on the Sunday night.  
Commissioner Harmon asked about also getting a regular police detail on Thursday
nights, to which Mr. Acott would not agree.  
Commissioner Harmon then showed video footage obtained by a private investigator
stationed outside of the club one recent Thursday night.  
The ANC decided to take no action on the additional hours request.  
Petition by Shadowroom to Terminate its Existing Settlement Agreement  
Stephen Acott was also present to talk about this petition. Commissioner Corson asked
Mr. Acott about his reasoning for why he wanted to terminate the existing settlement
agreement. Mr. Acott explained about how his business hours were limited by the
settlement agreement.  
Commissioner Harmon made a motion to protest the termination of the settlement
agreement. Commissioner Coder seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed
(VOTES: 8-0).  
Consideration of a Resolution of Support for a Dupont Circle –National Mall–Southwest
Waterfront Circulator Route Proposal  
Chair Kennedy talked about the proposed Circulator route, which would link the National
Mall to U Street by way of Foggy Bottom and Dupont Circle, otherwise known as the
“Abe to Ben’s” route. He mentioned there was a separate proposal to extend the same
route to the Southwest Waterfront by way of 17th Street in Foggy Bottom. He then read
aloud a resolution of support he wrote on the matter.  
Commissioner Sacco asked to mention in the resolution that ANC 2A prioritizes the
“Abe to Ben’s” route over the new Southwest Waterfront route if only one had to be
Chair Kennedy made a motion to support the resolution. Commissioner Irizarry seconded
the motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 8-0).  
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Request for a Letter of Support for the Jewish Community Center Park Concert  
No one from the Jewish Community Center was present to talk about the request.
Commissioner Coder said that she would follow up with the applicant.  
Request for a Letter of Support for the “Army Ten-Miler” on Sunday, October 12th  
George Banker, a representative for the Army Ten-Miler, was present to discuss the
event. He said that he already contacted Western Presbyterian Church, since the route
goes down Virginia Avenue and passes the Church, but he added that the race passes by
the church before any church services happen that Sunday. He added that the race would
be completed before Taste of DC happens that same afternoon.  
Commissioner Irizarry asked Mr. Banker to avoid placing any amplified music and
cheering points near the Watergate complex. Mr. Banker said that there would not be any
located near the Watergate.  
Commissioner Irizarry made a motion to support the Army Ten-Miler’s application.
Commissioner Sacco seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 8-
Administrative Items  
Approval of the Commission’s 2014 Annual Budget  
Commissioner Carnes presented the proposed 2014 ANC Annual Budget to the
Commissioner Carnes made a motion to support the proposed budget. Commissioner
Coder seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 8-0).  
Discussion on ANC 2A Bylaws Rewrite  
Chair Kennedy said that the first reading of the proposed bylaws changes would be
moved to the regular May ANC meeting.  
Commissioner Corson said that he did some research on whether physically posted ANC
meeting notices are required for each meeting or can be included as an option for meeting
publicizing. He said that the DC Code says that physical postings are an option but are
not required.  
Commissioner Corson added a proposed amendment to the rest of the proposed bylaws
amendments. He said that the DC Code says that the removal of ANC officers has to
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happen at a special meeting, and thus he proposed to change Article 4 Section 10 to
define that the removal of officers could only happen at a special ANC meeting.  
Reimbursement of Expenses Related to Shadowroom Protest Hearing  
Commissioner Harmon talked about the need to hire a private investigator for the
Shadowroom protest hearing.  
Chair Kennedy made a motion to reimburse Commissioner Harmon for private
investigator hiring expenses of up to $2,200. Commissioner Sacco seconded the motion,
which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 8-0).  
Legal Advice for GW Campus Plan Amendment  
Commissioner Harmon made a motion to authorize the ANC to seek up to $2,000 in legal
advice for a possible campus plan amendment under the GW Hillel building proposal,
and another possible campus plan amendment under GW’s acquisition of the Corcoran
Gallery of Art and College of Art and Design. Commissioner Carnes seconded the
motion, which was voted on and passed (VOTES: 8-0).  
Chair Kennedy adjourned the meeting at 10:27 pm
Respectfully submitted by Peter Sacco, ANC 2A Secretary.
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