ANC 1D Minutes for September 16, 2014



Meeting Date: Sept. 16, 2014

Uploaded on: Dec. 10, 2014

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1D01: Yasmin Romero-Latin Mount Pleasant 1D04: Phil Greiner
Vice Chair Advisory Neighborhood [email protected]
1D02: Adam Hoey
Chairperson 1D05: China Boak Terrell
1D03: Jack McKay
Secretary and Treasurer 1380 Monroe St NW, #117 website:
[email protected] Washington DC 20010 e-mail: [email protected]
Minutes of the September 16, 2014 meeting of Advisory Neighborhood
Commission 1-D
These minutes accepted at the October 21, 2014 meeting.
Call to order
[7:14 pm] Chair Adam Hoey called the September meeting of ANC1D to order at 7:14 pm. Four commissioners
were present: Adam, Jack, Yasmin, and China.
[7:14 pm] Commissioners offered public announcements.
Public Discussion
[7:17 pm] The meeting was opened to public discussion.
Secretary’s report
[7:21 pm] Jack asked if there were corrections to the minutes of the July 15 2014 meeting. No corrections were
offered, and the minutes were declared accepted.
Treasurer’s report
[7:22 pm] Jack asked if there were any concerns about two routine expenditures: Tony Grillo, $50, postering for
the June meeting; Hearsay Interpreting, $100, for Spanish interpreting at this meeting. No concerns or
objections to these expenditures were expressed by the commissioners.
Jack reported that China had arranged for Julian Gonzalez to provide simultaneous interpretation at a
public meet and greet with the Ward One Planner, at Don Juan's Restaurant, August 8, 2014. Jack
moved that the ANC pay the $100 fee for this service. Motion passed, 3 to 0, with one abstention
Unfinished business: Mount Pleasant Street Treebox cleaning
[7:24 pm] Adam moved that this resolution be tabled indefinitely. Motion passed by general consent.
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Plaque for Ms. Jeff Logan
[7:26 pm] China moved the following:
That the ANC contribute up to $100 toward the purchase of a plaque to celebrate 50 years of business
on Mount Pleasant Street for Jeff Logan of Logan's Antiques. The plaque would be presented at a
reception being planned for Ms. Logan by Barbara Cameron.
Motion passed, 4 to 0 vote.
Approve Great Streets legislation for Mount Pleasant
[7:32 pm] China moved the following resolution:
Resolved, that ANC 1D requests that the Chair of the Economic Development Committee hold an
emergency hearing to vote out of committee and send to Council for a full vote Bill 20-0721, the "U
Street/14th Street NW Great Streets Neighborhood Retail Priority Amendment Act of 2014". ANC1D
is in support of the September 8 letter sent to Councilmember Bowser from the Presidents of the
Mount Pleasant Business Association and the Columbia Heights Business Association (See attached).
Why: Small businesses in Mount Pleasant are economically squeezed by competition from big
businesses in surrounding neighborhoods. Great Streets capital improvement funding presents a vital
economic opportunity for these businesses to update their appeal to consumers and their capacity to
deliver services in ways that make them more viable and more competitive. Even at the time of
passing this resolution, there is a Great Streets grant opportunity open -- of up to $85,000 per business
-- and Mount Pleasant small businesses are ineligible to apply because the businesses are not located in
a "great streets corridor" until Bill 20-0721 becomes law.
Resolution passed, 4 to 0 vote.
Third Party Use of Interpretation Equipment
[7:45 pm] China introduced the following resolution, concerning ANC1D's policy for lending simultaneous
interpretation equipment:
(1) A commissioner may check out the interpreting equipment for use by a non-profit organization
(including a political committee) for noncommercial events with the endorsement of one other
(2) The commissioner who checks out the equipment shall retrieve it from the ANC library and
confirm the completeness of the returned equipment.
(3) the nonprofit organization shall complete a form for responsibility for the equipment, and shall be
financially liable for loss or damage.
(4) The contact person from the nonprofit organization who receives the equipment shall remain with
the equipment until it is returned.
(5) The contact person from the nonprofit organization cannot transfer his or her responsibility to
another person or organization.
Why: As the only ANC in the District to provide simultaneous interpretation services for the Spanish-
ANC1D meeting minutes, September 16, 2014, p. 2 of 3
speaking community, ANC1D desires to encourage greater outreach and inclusion targeting Spanish-
speaking populations.
Adam moved that this resolution be tabled until the next meeting. Motion to table failed on a 2 to 2 vote, Jack
and Adam voting “yes”, China and Yasmin, “no”.
Adam moved that this be tabled (postponed) to the end of meeting, simply to permit the consideration of
Yasmin's parking-permit resolution first. Motion passed, 4 to 0.
Renewal of Resolution for Day Parking Pass Program
[8:12 pm] Yasmin offered the following resolution:
Resolved, that ANC1D advises DDOT to implement a parking permit program for employees and
contractors of Mount Pleasant educational institutions and businesses. That program would consist of
parking permits for working hours in ANC1D.
Rationale: There are no public parking facilities in Mount Pleasant, and none of adequate size within
walking distance of Mount Pleasant. School personnel, and employees and contractors of neighbor-
hood businesses, many of whom come by personal automobile because public transit is not suitable,
can find legal parking only on residential blocks not zoned for Residential Permit Parking. This causes
heavy parking congestion on those few blocks, even as there may be ample parking space on zoned
blocks. Residents of the unzoned blocks may then petition for RPP zoning, which exacerbates the
congestion on the remaining unzoned blocks, and increases the difficulty for these neighborhood
employees, many of whom are bringing essential services to Mount Pleasant.
There is curbside parking space available on Mount Pleasant residential streets during the day, due to
the numerous residents who take their cars to work each workday morning. Permitting neighborhood
employees to park on these blocks during the day will impose little inconvenience on Mount Pleasant
residents, and will ease the unfair congestion imposed on the residents of the few remaining unzoned
This resolution supersedes and replaces previous resolutions, but only to the extent such resolutions
address issues concerning day parking passes.
Passed by 3 to 0 vote (Jack abstaining).
[8:31 pm] Adam brought the interpretation equipment resolution to the floor.
Passed by 4 to 0 vote.
[8:42 pm] The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 pm.
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