ANC 1D Agenda for June 17, 2014



Meeting Date: June 17, 2014

Uploaded on: June 9, 2014

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“Open Agenda” Notes for the June 17, 2014 meeting of ANC1D
Public discussion
“Each Commission shall set aside a portion of each public meeting to
hear the views of residents within the Commission area and other affected
persons on problems or issues of concern within the Commission area and
on proposed District government actions that affect the Commission
Secretary’s report
Minutes of the May 20 meeting (draft sent out May 21)
Treasurer’s report
Consent items: Checks to Tony Grillo, $50, postering for May meeting;
HearSay Interpreting, $100, interpreting at the May meeting
Unfinished business
Supporting a Friends of Lamont Park application
ANC1D supports a Mount Pleasant Main Street (MPMS) application to
DPR for its "Friends of the Park" program. It also supports a pilot
program concept to allow local business to have access to serve food and
beverages in a shared public space in a cafe style environment in Lamont
Park on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 until 10 pm. This could
also include participation by local artists. A full proposal and discussion
will be provided to the ANC1D and local residents prior to any
implementation for concerns and suggestions.
Why: For years, Mount Pleasant businesses have desired to leverage
Lamont Park for patrons as 3rd party groups and the Farmers' Market
have. One step towards enabling this vision is obtaining "Friends of the
Park" program status with DPR. Last year, DPR modified its program
policy such that any 501c3 with a park as part of its core mission and
objectives may apply. Main Street has been a joint steward of Lamont
Park and events there since its creation in the early 90s. It supports
improved park usability, beautification and utilization.
Residents living in Mount Pleasant are becoming increasingly frustrated
by the lack of park utilization and having a vibrant shopping and dining
experience in their neighborhood.
Utilizing the park provides a compelling way to link together the north
side of Mount Pleasant Street with the middle and south sections and
parklets building continuity to the commercial corridor. Building this
continuity was a recommendation from the DC Office of Planning's
Vibrant Retail Streets grant program of which MPMS was a participant
working with urban planning vendor Street Sense.
In April, Lenka Culbertson, co-owner of Radius Pizza and who expressed
interest in the park, was unanimously voted onto the Mount Pleasant
Main Street board as a business At-Large member. Holding this seat,
Lenka will co-chair a cross-organizational committee responsible for
obtaining "Friends of the Park" status for Mount Pleasant as well as
building a Lamont Park Cafe Program. The committee will include
Robert Frazier , owner of the Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market , Jennifer
Marca, MPMS Design Chair, Adam Hoey (ANC1D/MPMS) and Gabriela
Mossi, Executive Director of MPBA.
New business
Roof deck for 1742 Park Road (Yasmin)
1682 Irving St HPRB (China)
1821 Newton St HPRB (Jack)
1620 Newton St HPRB (Phil)