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Meeting Date: Feb. 5, 2014

Uploaded on: May 20, 2014

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Please note: In addition to the text and vote counts of the official actions taken by the Commission, these minutes may contain
summaries of comments that were made and discussions that took place at the meeting. Such summaries are not intended to be a
verbatim account of the meeting.
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C
Adams Morgan
Minutes of February 5, 2014
I. Call to Order and Introduction of Commissioners
A regularly scheduled meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C was held on February 5, 2014 at Mary’s
Center. Chair Simpson called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Approximately 25 members of the public attended. In
attendance were Commissioners Brian Hart (1C01), Martis Davis (1C02), Ted Guthrie (1C03), Gabriela Mossi
(1C04), Billy Simpson (1C06), Wilson Reynolds (1C07), and Jimmy Rock (1C08).
II. Officers’ Reports
a. Chair’s Report
Chair Simpson moved to change the date for the July 2014 ANC 1C meeting to July 9 since the
original date, July 2, was just two days before the 4 of July holiday. Commissioner Davis
seconded the motion that was then passed by a vote of 6 to 0. (Commissioner Mossi had not yet
b. Secretary’s Report
Secretary Guthrie moved to approve draft minutes for three previous meetings: November 6, 2013;
December 4, 2013; and January 8, 2014, that had been sent to Commissioners and posted on the
ANC 1C website. Commissioner Davis second the motion that then passed by a unanimous vote
of 6 to 0.
c. Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Dehbozorgi was not present, but Chair Simpson moved to consider the purchase of a
portable easel, notepads, carrying case for presentations at ANC committee meetings. Since this
agenda item had not been announced two weeks in advance of the meeting, Chair Simpson first
made a procedural motion to add the easel purchase to the agenda on the grounds that including
it on the agenda would not be adverse to the community. Commissioner Rock seconded the
procedural motion that was then passed by a unanimous vote of 6-0.
Commissioner Davis explained that the easel would be kept at the Kalorama Recreation Center
and could be used either as a desktop or floor easel. Chair Simpson moved to reimburse
Commissioner Davis $120.87 for the purchase of the easel. Commissioner Guthrie seconded the
motion that was passed by a unanimous vote of 6 to 0.
III. Commissioner Announcements/Comments
 Commissioner Rock announced that the DC Zoning Commission would be holding public
hearings in February on the Zoning Regulations Review and that the hearing for Wards 1 and 2
would be on February 13. He provided fliers with details on the back table.
 Commissioner Reynolds noted that the public hearings on the zoning regulations will help to
make the more than 1000 pages of material more understandable to residents. He announced
that Councilmember Jim Graham would be sponsoring a zoning briefing at the Columbia Heights
Community Center on Saturday, February 8. Information about the hearing was on the back
 Commissioner Mossi announced a Business Expo sponsored by the Greater Washington
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Washington Convention Center on March 19. She
provided post cards with details on the back table. Attendance is free to the public and the Adams
Morgan BID will pay for four businesses to have booth space as exhibitors at the Business Expo.
 Commissioner Mossi also provided DC Health Link fliers for individuals and small business
interested in enrolling for health insurance.
 Commissioner Davis reported that he and the Envision Adams Morgan team had a second
meeting with representatives from the DC Office of Planning in January who were receptive to a
plea for resources and expertise for the Envision Adams Morgan project over next 6 to 9 months.
IV. Public Announcements/Comments
 Otis Marechaux announced that there will be a tree planting event at 9 AM on March 2 at the
corner of 18 and California Street near the new soccer field. Volunteers are needed to help
plant the 23 trees that will be provided by Casey Trees. Contact information will be posted on the
Adams Morgan listerv.
 Lisa Duperier announced that the Fund for Kalorama Park will meet on Monday, March 3 at 7 pm
at the Kalorama Recreation Center to discuss the long-term goal of beautifying the entrances to
the park. The group’s regular meeting date has been moved to the first Monday of the month.
Presentation on aging in place by the Dupont Circle Village
Commissioner Davis introduced Iris Molotsky, President of Dupont Circle Village, who made a
presentation on the group’s programs and activities to help the 60 plus demographic age in place.
Ms. Molotsky gave a brief history of the Village movement that serves one of the fastest growing
segments of the population. She described activities and mission of the Dupont Circle Village and
their proposal to include the Adams Morgan neighborhood. In addition to transportation and
technology assistance they offer educational, cultural, and social activities. The group has about 150
members and 70 volunteers of all ages.
V. Committee Agendas for February
Chair Simpson announced that the agendas for ANC 1C Committee meetings in February could be found
on the reverse side of the ANC agenda. Committee chairs briefly discussed their agenda items.
Chair Simpson inquired whether the Public Services and the Environment Committee could look into the
Way Home campaign to address homelessness in DC. Chair Davis agreed to look into how ANC 1C
might get involved with the program.
VI. Scheduled Business
a. ABC and Public Safety
i. Follow-up on stabbings at District
Chair Simpson gave an update on actions ANC 1C took in response to the stabbings that
occurred at District on New Year’s Eve. He explained that a suspension hearing was
canceled when the operators of District withdrew their request for the hearing. Chair
Simpson announced that the ABC Board would take the matter up as an internal
investigation on February 12.
ii. Madam’s Organ application to terminate settlement agreement
Madam’s Organ has applied to terminate its settlement agreement with ANC 1C, but the
ABC and Public Safety Committee didn’t get notice of the application until after the its
monthly meeting. Chair Simpson moved to protest the application to amend or terminate
the settlement agreement on grounds that it would have an adverse impact on the peace,
order, and quiet of the neighborhood. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. The
settlement agreement was originally made when a number of establishments, including
Madams Organ, were allowed to change their licenses to tavern licenses on the condition
that they accept settlement agreement requirements, including a food service requirement.
The motion to protest termination or amendment of the settlement agreement passed
unanimously 7 to 0.
b. Planning, Zoning, and Transportation
i. Rock-N-Roll Marathon
Commissioner Rock announced that because he has paid an entry fee to run in the Rock-N-
Roll Marathon he was recusing himself from discussion and voting on whether ANC 1C
would support the marathon which will cross part of Adams Morgan. Commissioner
Reynolds made a motion to authorize the Commission to prepare correspondence in
support of the Rock-N-Roll Marathon. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Diane
Thomas of the Greater Washington Sports Alliance presented plans for the marathon course
which will take place on Saturday, March 15 . She said it would involve street closures from
8 am to 11 am along Calvert Street, Adams Mill Road, and Columbia Road. Commissioner
Reynolds said Commissioners have heard concerns from residents about being stuck in the
neighborhood on race day. Commissioner Mossi said she recalled one particularly upset
person in Mount Pleasant who couldn’t get to a doctor’s appointment last year on the day of
the race. Commissioner Simpson said he received comments from constituents who said
the information posted about road closures was inaccurate. Ms. Thomas said the road
closures will include one block on either side of the route and the information will be posted
on the race website. She added that the police department may add an additional second
block in some areas.
Members of the public asked about options for changing the route or running the race on a
Sunday instead of a Saturday, and about the amount of the race revenue that goes to
charity. Commissioners suggested linking to the race map that shows ways to get out of the
city during the race. The motion to support the Rock-N-Roll Marathon passed by a vote of 6
to 0 with one Commissioner abstaining.
ii. Buca di Beppo valet application
Commissioner Rock offered a procedural motion to consider a valet application for Buca di
Beppo even though it had not been on the agenda with two weeks’ advance notice, on the
grounds that including it on the agenda would not be adverse to the community.
Commissioner Reynolds seconded the procedural motion which passed by a vote of 7 to 0.
Commissioner Rock then moved to support Buca di Beppo’s valet application to be able to
utilize a sandwich board and a designated location on the sidewalk for their valet parking
operation. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Davis. The restaurant’s manager,
Mr. Farhad Mehraban, explained that they have been operating with a kiosk and sandwich
board for valet parking. Commissioner Rock asked for clarification that the kiosk would not
be a permanent structure. Mr. Mehraban said the kiosk would be removed each night after
the valet parking is done. The Commission then voted 7 to 0 to support Buca di Beppo’s
valet application.
iii. Development adjacent to Hilton Hotel
Commissioner Rock reported that the Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee
voted to recommend that the Commission support proposed changes to plans for a
Residence Tower development adjacent to the Hilton Hotel subject to the developer
agreeing to: (i) an appropriate sound barrier on the proposed upper pool, (ii) an appropriate
sound barrier on the existing lower pool adjacent to 19th Street NW, and (iii) the proposed
green screen along 19th Street NW extending to the Adams School boundary.
Architects for the project explained that they had submitted their application to the Historic
Preservation Review Board for alterations to plans that had previously been approved. They
gave the history of the project and how the original proposal has been changed including
adding a rooftop pool on the new structure; increasing the height of the structure; changes to
the landscaping along Florida Avenue; eliminating a stairway to the existing swimming pool;
and changes to the proposed green screen along the corner of Florida Avenue and 10
Commissioners asked about the height of the wall around the swimming pool, the height of
the green screen, and whether it would act as a sound barrier. Commissioner Rock noted
that the PZT Committee had asked for sound barriers to be added. The architects said the
green screen would offer some buffer, but would not prevent noise from travelling above the
wall, although they argued it would still be an improvement over the original plan.
Commissioner Reynolds said he thought the changes were going in right direction, but had
not gone far enough. He thought the aesthetics could be improved and the landscaping
made more lush, even making it a doorway to 19 Street. Commissioner Guthrie asked
about the sustainability of the green screen and landscaping. Commissioner Hart
encouraged the architects to continue the green screen up 19 Street as far as they could.
Matt McCarthy, a resident of 19 Street, asked whether there would be changes to the
garage entrance or the Hilton Hotel entrance. He urged the ANC to act to limit double
parking of trucks on 19 Street and said there is no enforcement of the no-truck zone.
Commissioner Guthrie noted that the Hilton Hotel and the residence structure are two
different entities and asked whether the developers of the residence would be responsible
for anything along 19 Street.
Lisa Duperier asked about the history of the agreement with the original partners and
whether the structure was approved with no wall. Denis James noted that the existing pool is
not for Hilton guests only, but is part of the health club and that residents of the new building
could join the health club and use the pool. He also suggested that the architects ask a
sound technician to look into sound barrier solutions.
Commissioner Simpson noted that the PZT Committed had made noncontroversial
suggestions that were not reflected in the developers’ revised plans. He moved to change
the resolution to oppose the plans unless the developer makes the PZT Committee’s
suggested changes as well as Commissioner Reynolds’ suggested improvements for the
corner of Florida Avenue NW and 19 Street NW. Commissioner Reynolds seconded the
motion. Commissioner Rock also noted that since the new residences will be rentals instead
of condominiums it may attract younger and possibly noisier people, making the sound
barrier an important condition. Commissioner Mossi asked whether neighbors currently have
problems with the noise coming from music and parties at the health club pool.
The motion to adopt the substitute resolution passed by a vote of 7 to 0.
Resolution Regarding HPRB Approval for Application No. 14-175 For
Modifications To Approved Plan For Hilton Residence Tower
Whereas, the developer of the proposed Hilton Residence Tower has requested the
Historic Preservation Review Board (“HPRB”) to approve changes to the currently
approved plans; and
Whereas ANC 1C is concerned about the following issues: (i) that an appropriate sound
barrier be installed on the proposed upper pool, (ii) that an appropriate sound barrier be
installed on the existing lower pool adjacent to 19th Street NW, (iii) that the proposed
green screen along 19th Street NW be extended to the Adams School boundary, and (iv)
that the transition on the corner of Florida Avenue NW and 19th Street NW be softened
and improved.
Therefore Be it Resolved that ANC 1C opposes HPRB approval of Application No. 14-
175 unless the developer agrees to the following changes:
(i) installation of an appropriate sound barrier on the proposed upper pool,
(ii) installation of an appropriate sound barrier on the existing lower pool adjacent to
19th Street NW, including, for example, a sound-absorbing material sandwiched within
the green screen (which we are informed will extend 3 feet above the existing cement
(iii) extension of the proposed green screen along 19th Street NW to the Adams
School boundary, and
(iv) extension of the lower berm on Florida Avenue NW around the corner onto 19th
Street NW to soften and improve the transition around that corner.
Be it Further Resolved, that this Resolution be communicated to each member of the
HPRB and its staff by the Chair of ANC 1C’s Planning, Zoning, and Transportation
b. Public Services and the Environment
i. Grant application from Christ House
Commissioner Davis, Chair of the Public Services and the Environment Committee,
reported that the Committee had approved a grant application from Christ House and
recommended that the full Commission do the same. He said that at the Committee’s
January 29 meeting they heard the grant request for $1000 for two security cameras in
the front courtyard of the Christ House on Columbia Road, an extended-stay medical
facility for homeless people. The operators at Christ House said there have been
problems with people who congregate outside who are not clients of Christ House.
Commissioner Simpson moved to approve the grant for $1000 for security cameras.
Commissioner Mossi seconded the motion. Commissioner Simpson then passed on
concerns of Commissioner Dehbozorgi that multiple cameras at the facility might create
an overly-policed feeling and her suggestion that the cameras be as discreet as possible.
Commissioner Reynolds noted that the problem has been the patio area, that the
organization is trying to protect its own clients, and that there is a deterrent effect in
having visible cameras. Commissioners voted to approve the grant application by a
unanimous vote of 7 to 0.
VII. Adjournment
Commissioner Rock moved to adjourn at 9:26 pm. Commissioner Simpson seconded the motion which
passed by a vote of 7 to 0.