ANC 1B Minutes for February 06, 2014



Meeting Date: Feb. 6, 2014

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Government of the District of Columbia
Thursday, February 6th, 2014,
7:00 PM, Reeves Center, 2000 14th Street N.W.
The regular monthly meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B occurred on Thursday,
February 6th, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Reeves Center.
Commissioners Present:
Marc Morgan (1B01)
Jeremy Leffler (1B02)
Ricardo A. Reinoso (1B05)
Dyana Forester (1B06)
Juan Lopez (1B07)
Emily Washington (1B08)
James A. Turner (1B09)
Tony Norman (1B10)
E. Gail Anderson Holness (1B11)
Zahra Jilani (1B12)
Commissioners absent:
Sedrick Muhammad (1B03)
Deborah Thomas (1B04)
Chairperson James A. Turner did not observe the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to
order informally at 7:00 PM.
Commissioners Morgan, Reinoso, Forester, Lopez, Washington and Turner introduce themselves.
Darren Jones from the Pleasant Plains Civic Association presents to the commission.
Frank Maduro from the mayor's office presents to the commission.
Officer Reports
Commissioner Leffler arrives. Quorum is now present.
Action: Turner moves to have the committee chair elections after committee reports (seconded
by Morgan).
Motion passes by unanimous consent.
Morgan states there is no vice chair report.
Action: Turner moves to approve the December executive committee minutes.
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Commissioners Norman and Jilani arrive.
Action: Reinoso moves to approve January minutes
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Turner said he sent a letter that states the executive meeting held in December was a legal meeting, in
compliance with a prior motion made to inquire whether it was a legal meeting.
ABC Committee Report
Fishnet DC
Leffler reported the committee took no action on Fishnet D.C. He recommended the commission take
no action.
No action taken.
Chuck & Bill Bison Lounge
Leffler reported that the commission had previously lost standing with Chuck and Bill's Bison Lounge.
Action: Leffler moved to protest the Chuck & Bill Bison Lounge on peace, order and quiet
(seconded by Lopez).
Turner calls for a roll call.
Roll Call Vote: Morgan abstains
Leffler votes yes
Reinoso votes yes
Forester abstains
Lopez votes yes
Washington abstains
Turner votes yes
Norman votes no
Jilani votes yes
5 ayes, 1 nay, 3 abstentions. Motion passes.
The Royal
Action: Leffler motions to support the new license for The Royal (seconded by Morgan).
Vote: 8 ayes, 1 abstention. Motion passes.
Hilltop Bar & Restaurant
Leffler reported the committee made no action regarding their CT license.
No action taken.
Leffler reported that the commission moved to support MOVA’s renewal, but since then there have
been concerns with noise and it was brought to our attention that MOVA was not properly placarded so
it was placarded again, thus allowing 1B to chime in again. He reports the committee voted to protest.
A resident made a presentation about noise coming from the MOVA establishment.
Action: Leffler motioned to protest on peace, order and quiet (seconded by Lopez).
Vote: 8 ayes, 1 abstention, motion passes.
Leffler wanted it known for the record that the establishment “Gravitas” did introduce themselves to
the committee.
Public Safety Committee
No report.
Treasurer's Report
Action: Forester motions to approve the treasurer's report (seconded by Morgan).
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Action: Forester motions to approve the quarterly financial report (seconded by Morgan).
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Action: Forester motions to formalize a month-to-month provision in the contractor William
Martin's contract (seconded by Morgan).
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Transportation Committee
1472 Belmont St NW
Klemens reported the committee recommended approval of a curb cut at 1472 Belmont St. NW.
Action: Reinoso moves support of curb cut request for 1472 Belmont St NW (seconded by
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Klemen reported that there was contentious vote on approval for valet parking for Kapnos. Kapnos had
previously been operating valet parking without a permit. Ultimately, the committee moved approval.
A representative of the Kapnos restaurant presented to the commission.
Action: Leffler motions to oppose valet parking for Kapnos (seconded by Turner).
Vote: 8 ayes, 1 nay. Motion passes.
Grants Committee
No report.
Design Review Committee
McMillan (update)
Anne Corbitt, a representative of Vision McMillan Partners, presented to the commission on the
progress of the plans for the McMillan sand filtration site.
JBG 13th & U Street NW Project (update)
Ted Featherstone, a representative of JBG, gave a presentation to the commission about their plans for
the 13th and U street site.
1324 W St NW
A representative of Trace Architects presented to the commission their renovations for 1324 W NW.
They asked the ANC for support for the design concept.
Action: Norman moves to support approval of design concept for 1324 W St NW (seconded by
Turner calls for roll call.
Roll Call Vote: Morgan votes yes
Leffler abstains
Reinoso votes no
Forester abstains
Lopez votes yes
Washington votes yes
Turner votes yes
Norman votes yes
Jilani votes yes
6 ayes, 1 nay, 2 abstentions, motion passes.
2105 10th St NW (Sorg)
Nikki Sorg presented to the commission the plans for 2105 10th St NW. The plans involve a renovation
of the on-site historic church and a new mixed-use apartment building. They are asking for approval for
design concept and two variances.
Commissioner E. Gail Anderson Holness arrives and introduces herself.
Action: Norman moves for support of the two variances: rear yard setback and lot occupancy
from 80 to 90 percent,(seconded by Lopez).
Vote: 9 ayes, 1 abstention. Motion passes.
Action: Norman moves to support the design concept review for 2105 10th St NW (seconded by
Vote: 9 ayes, 1 abstention. Motion passes.
2000 15th St NW – BZA Appeal
Norman reported the ANC has to weigh in on a zoning appeal for the Mediterranean Spot restaurant.
The neighbors are appealing the zoning. He says the zoning commissioner has ruled that restaurants are
permissible use for that zoning. Norman said the design committee recommended to oppose the appeal
in favor of the Mediterranean Spot.
Action: Leffler motions to uphold the decision of the Zoning Commission. Leffler restates the
motion to support the Mediterranean Spot's sidewalk cafe and to oppose the appeal (seconded
by Forester).
Motion passes by unanimous consent.
Election of Committee Chairs
There is some disagreement whether a member of the public is allowed to run for chair if a
commissioner should run.
Election of ABC Committee Chair
Nick Baumann nominates himself to be chairman of the ABC committee. He gives a statement to the
commission. Leffler endorses Nick Baumann.
Lela Winston nominates herself to the chair of the ABC committee.
Vote: 7 for Baumann, 2 for Winston. Baumann becomes chair of ABC committee.
Public Safety Committee
Norman nominates commissioner Muhammad.
Lela Winston nominates herself.
Jessica Rucker nominates herself.
Vote: 4 for Muhammad, 3 for Rucker, 2 for Winston, 1 abstention. Muhammad elected chair of
Public Safety Committee.
Leffler asks that the commission appoint a vice-chair for the public safety committee.
Turner says the commission has no provision to do that.
Transportation Committee
Ben Klemens nominates himself.
Reinoso nominates Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez.
Vote: Klemens is unanimously elected chair of the Transportation Committee.
Grants Committee
Jennie Nevin nominates herself.
Vote: Jennie Nevin is elected chair of Grants Committee by acclamation.
Design Committee
Holness nominates Lela Winston.
Reinoso nominates Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez.
Vote: 8 for Lela Winston, 1 for Ghent-Rodriguez, 1 abstention. Lela Winston is elected chair of
the Design Committee.
New Business
A representative of Arcadia Mobile Market presents to the commission, asking for an application to
have a curbside market.
Action: Morgan moves to support Arcadia Mobile Market's application to have a curbside
market (seconded by Holness).
Motion passes by unanimous consent.
Commissioner Washington announces that she is moving out the area and will no longer fill her role as
commissioner. She states there will be a special election to fill her seat.
Turner motions to adjourn. Holness seconds. Motion passes by unanimous consent.
ABC Committee Report-1B
To: ANC Commissioners- 1B
CC: ABC Committee
From: Jeremy Leffler, Chairman
Date: 1/25/2014
Re: ABC Committee Report January 2014
My fellow Commissioners, below you will find the report summary for the November ABC
Committee meeting which was held at 6:30 p.m. at the Thurgood Marshall Center on January
22 2014.
The meeting began by welcoming all participants and going around the room for introductions.
Chairman Leffler took roll call. ABC Committee members present were: Palisia Stallworth, Brian
Card, Nick Baumann, Paul Carlson, Absent: Heather Ferris, Joan Sterling, John Guggenmos,
John Green, Tara Cooksey, Lauren Centrella.
Commissioner Leffler went over materials provided in Committee packet, including copies of
placards. He reviewed key actions from the October ANC votes.
Jan 22 ANC ABC Committee
Gave update of ANC in January -
Dunya Restaurant & Lounge -protest
Clous Restaurant & Lounge - protest
New Town kitchen and Lounge - protest until contact existing VA holders
No Souls - No actions
New Business
 Fishnet DC - believe that this is in Shaw 7th/S (Discussed this was flagged for us by
ABRA but it’s not in ANC 1B)
 Chuck & Bill Bison Lounge - had voted to protest. James Turner had started to enter
into a settlement agreement but lost standing by not going to a meeting. Concern
about murder and fights that have occurred nearby. Jeremy made a motion to
protest until ANC councilmember can negotiate a settlement agreement. Nick
seconded - 5 voted for motion. MOTION CARRIED
 The Royal - 501 Florida Ave Nw- Feb 24 petition date. Paul Carlson said he has
reached out to ANC (Mark) and all of the neighbors on the block and the LeDroit Civic
Association. Hosting open house this Sunday for residents. Paul provided material on
the plans. There is an apartment above, lease for apartment includes clause that they
are aware that a tavern is opening inside. Holds 40 folks inside, 15 for sidewalk café.
This is a tavern license. Insulating all walls all ceilings, will have security system and
lighting. Trash pick up 6 days a week, monthly rodent control contracted, Jeremy
made motion to support application, Nick 2nd, 4 voted to support, 1 abstain.
 Hilltop Bar & Restaurant - 2737 Sherman - application is for new Class C Tavern
license - Tabled since no-one was present to discuss plans and this is a tavern license
in what seems largely.
 MOVA - Motion made to protest until ANC Commissioner or designee can
negotiate a settlement agreement or mitigate the noise concerns of nearby
residents - (Motion Jeremy; 2nd Nick). Neighbors claim that placards were never
put in front of business, so ABRA is doing another hearing. Jeremy said that the
MHNA and several neighbors have complained about the noise. 5 Votes in favor
 Gravitas - 636 Florida - Lindsey Jordan & Matt Baker (Exec. Chief/Owner) said they
have signed a lease and are beginning the ABRA process, expect to go thru in next 2
months. Said it would be a high end dining restaurant - will be called Gravitas. No
live entertainment, small sidewalk space (12 seats). Just came to introduce
themselves to the community.
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B
Tony Norman, Chairperson
Reports and Recommendations
January 27th, 2014
The Design Committee met at the Thurgood Marshall Center, 1816 12th Street N.W., on Monday,
January 27th 2014. The meeting was called to order by chairperson Tony Norman at 7:00 PM.
Committee members present were: Guy Podgornick, Patrick Nelson Lee Jackson, Joel Heisey, Sylvia
Also present: Jim Shetler, 1324 W St NW, Suman Sorg, The Logic, Nikki Sorg, The Logic, Jerry Attia,
The Logic, Christian Calleri, McMillan, Stephen Kelleher 1305 S Street.
• Update on the MacMillan project.
• Update on the 13th and U project.
• Historic concept review of 1324 W street project.
• Concept review of 2105 10th Street.
• Review of BZA appeal for “Mediterranean Spot”.
• Tony Norman moved approved for the historic concept of 1324 W Street. Second by Lee
Jackon. Two abstentions, remained ayes. Motions passes.
• Joel Heisey moved support for the two variances requested for 2105 10th street. Patrick Nelson
seconds. One abstention. Remainder ayes. Motions passes.
• Lee Jackson moved support for the historic concept of 2105 105th street, Nelson seconds. One
abstention. Remainder ayes. Motion passes.
• Jackson motions to the recommend to the ANC to support the Meridian Hill historic district as
outlined with the exception of 2313, 2315, 2317 and 2319 15th Street NW. Robinson seconds.
Three ayes, two opposed, motion passes.
MacMillan Project
• This is an update of the undergoing MacMillan project.
• 12 acres of new green space are being added.
• 200 permanent jobs from medical office building.
• Medical offices will be in the north end of the site.
• Will include several blocks of rowhouses and a mixed used development with a grocery store.
• Project will preserve the concrete silos, the underground areas and the south service court.
• Stormwater infrastructure will be in the park.
• Street parking will have permeable surfaces.
• Olmstead Walk will be restored.
• Several commissioners commented this was an improvement over the first design.
• A community amenities package will need to be submitted to the MAG.
13th & U
• This is an update of an current project by JBG.
• The developer is seeking a minor modification of the PUD. The developer needs to shuffle the
transparent windows with the art display windows for security reasons.
• The art displays will be rotated on a regular basis.
• They estimate that construction will begin October.
• Community benefits committee will start in 2014.
• There are some complaints about alley closings.
1324W St NW
• This is an update of a project is managed by Trace Architects to renovate a townhouse into 4
• The decks are being pulled back from original design so as not to increase lot coverage.
• Height is reduced by 15 feet.
• The new design was presented to the Meridian Hill Civic Association and the U Street
Neighborhood Association. The U Street Neighborhood Association said that there were no
major objections.
• The Historical Preservation Board approved the project unanimously.
• The HPRB are still reviewing whether the front steps are contributing elements.
• U Street association didn't raise objections.
• An individual who owns two properties in the area said he was fine with the design.
2105 10th Street
• Project is located on 10th and V streets, called “The Logic”.
• Was previously approved by HPRB but the approval expired.
• Will be mixed use retail and residential with underground parking.
• Seeking a rear yard and 90% lot occupancy variances.
• Have restored and are incorporating a historic church on the property. 4 units will be built into
the church.
• 43 units will be in the main building.
• 19 parking units underground.
• The 6th floor will be set back to allow visibility of the church.
• Materials of the main building are comparable with that of the church.
• Podgornick said the building was not aesthetically pleasing.
• A representative from the U street neighborhood association said they had no major objections.
BZA Appeal for “Mediterranean Spot”
• This is a zoning appeal for a local restaurant from a local resident who is challenging that a
restaurant is not permissable use for the location.
• The zoning administrator ruled the restaurant is permissible use.
• The zoning is R5B.