ANC 1B Minutes for January 02, 2014



Meeting Date: Jan. 2, 2014

Uploaded on: April 19, 2014

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Government of the District of Columbia
Thursday, January 2nd, 2014
7:00 PM, Reeves Center, 2000 14th Street N.W.
The regular monthly meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B occurred on Thursday,
January 2nd, 2014, at 7:00 pm in the Reeves Center.
Commissioners present:
Marc Morgan (1B01)
Jeremy Leffler (1B02)
Sedrick Muhammad (1B03)
Ricardo Reinoso (1B05)
Dyana Forester (1B06)
Juan Lopez (1B07)
James Turner (1B09)
Tony Norman (1B10)
Zahra Jilani (1B12)
Commissioners absent:
Deborah Thomas (1B04)
Gail Anderson Holness (1B11)
Emily Washington (1B08)
Chairperson Norman did not observe the presence of a quorum and called the meeting to order
informally at 7:00 PM.
Department of General Services
Chairman Norman asked that quorum be noted. Commissioners Jeremy Leffler, Sedrick Muhammad
and Zahra Jilani are present.
Action: Commissioner Turner moved to hold a briefing with the Department of General
Services and the Office of Planning and any other agency that may be appropriate before the
next ANC1B meeting (seconded by Morgan).
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Chairman Norman opened up community announcements.
Election of Officers
Gottlieb Simon officiated the election of officers.
Action: Juan Lopez moved to allow candidates to speak for two minutes (Seconded by Turner)
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
James Turner (nominated by Leffler). Turner accepts.
Tony Norman (nominated by Muhammad). Norman accepts.
Roll call vote: Morgan votes for Norman
Leffler votes for Turner
Muhammad votes for Norman
Reinoso votes for Turner
Forester votes for Turner
Lopez votes for Turner
Turner votes for Turner
Norman votes for Norman
Jilani votes for Norman
James Turner is elected chair with a vote of 5 to 4.
Election of Vice Chair
Juan Lopez (nominated by Jilani). Lopez declines.
Marc Morgan (nominated by Turner). Morgan accepts.
Jeremy Leffler (nominated by Muhammad). Leffler accepts.
Roll call vote: Morgan votes for Morgan
Leffler votes for Leffler
Muhammad votes for Leffler
Reinoso votes for Morgan
Forester votes for Morgan
Lopez votes for Leffler
Turner votes for Morgan
Norman votes for Morgan
Jilani votes for Leffler
Morgan is elected vice-chair with a vote of 5 to 4.
Election of Secretary
Ricardo Reinoso (nominated by Morgan). Reinoso accepts.
Zahra Jilani (nominated by Forester). Jilani declines.
Reinoso is elected secretary by acclamation.
Election of Treasurer
Dyana Forester (nominated by Lopez). Forester accepts.
Jeremy Leffler (nominated by Morgan). Leffler declines.
Forester is elected treasurer by acclamation.
Officer's Report and Approval of Minutes
Action: Marc Morgan moved to approve the November minutes (seconded by Lopez)
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Action: Marc Morgan moves to approve the December minutes (seconded by Turner)
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Forester excused herself from the meeting.
Action: Marc Morgan moves to table the executive committee minutes (seconded by Norman).
Vote: 6 nays, 2 abstentions. Motion fails.
Action: Muhammad motions to look into whether the executive meeting on the 12th was a legal
meeting (seconded by Morgan).
Vote: 6 ayes, 2 abstentions. Motion passes.
Treasurer’s Report
Copies of the treasurer's report were not available and the approval of the treasurer's report is held to
the next meeting.
Action: Turner moves to participate in the ANC security fund and authorize the officers to
conduct financials for the organization (seconded by Muhammad).
Vote: 7 ayes, 1 nay. Motion passes.
Funk Parade
Action: Jilani moves to support the funk parade but with the addition of closing of U Street for
that day (seconded by Reinoso).
Motion approved by unanimous consent.
Design Committee Report
1837 12th Street
This is a basement renovation; the design committee recommended approval.
Action: Norman moves that ANC1B support the renovation at 1837 12th St NW (seconded by
Motion passes by unanimous approval.
City Dog Club
The applicant is for a dog day care, seeking a permit for special use for animal boarding. Design
Review committee voted to approve.
Action: Jeremy Leffler motions to table until the ANC gets further clarification on zoning
exceptions (seconded by Lopez). Lopez makes a friendly amendment to send the issue back to
the design committee so they review the special exception requirements (seconded by Leffler).
Leffler calls to question. Motion fails.
Action: Norman moves to support the application for special exception for City Dog Club
(seconded by Muhammad).
Roll call vote: Morgan votes no
Leffler votes no
Muhammad votes yes
Reinoso votes yes
Lopez votes no
Turner votes yes
Norman votes yes
Jilani votes no
4 ayes, 4 nays, motion fails.
“Big Box” Store Resolution for Zoning Rewrite
Michael Kroopnick presents to the committee. The resolution is to recommend that in the zoning
rewrite a special exception request be required for “big box” stores. Norman reported the committee
recommended approval.
Action: Norman moves for approval of the recommendation for the zoning rewrite (seconded
by Leffler).
Motion passes by unanimous consent.
Public Safety Committee
Sedrick Muhammad presented the crime data report for December.
ABC Committee
Newtown Kitchen & Lounge
Action: Leffler motions to protest Cham until a voluntary agreement is signed (seconded by
Jilani). Reinoso makes a friendly amendment to protest on peace, order and quiet (seconded by
Vote: 7 ayes, 1 abstention. Motion passes.
All Souls
Leffler reported that the ABC committee took no action on All Souls.
No action taken.
New Business
ANC1B Calendar
Action: Muhammad motioned to meet on the first Thursday of each month with the exception
of July 2014—which will be on July 10th, and January 2015—which will be on January 8th
(seconded by Leffler).
Motion passes by unanimous approval.