ANC 1A Minutes for May 14, 2014



Meeting Date: May 14, 2014

Published on: May 14, 2014

Uploaded on: June 24, 2014

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Minutes of the ANC1A Regular Meeting
held on May 14, 2014 at Tubman Elementary School, D.C.
Chair Kent Boese began the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Commissioners present for meeting were:
Daniel Kornfield (1A01), Vickey Wright-Smith (1A02), Steven Swank (1A03), Kevin Holmes
(1A05), Patrick Flynn (1A06), Kent Boese (1A08), Bobby Holmes (1A09), Dotti Love Wade
(1A11), and Rosalind M. Gilliam (1A12). Commissioners Morgan Corr (1A04), Thomas
Boisvert (1A07), and Anthony Cimino (1A10) were absent. Approximately 26 persons attended
the meeting.
A quorum was declared.
Community Announcements
Several people spoke during the Community Announcement portion of the meeting
ANC Administrative Matters
Motion was made to make amendments to the agenda to include the quarterly report and
the budget amendment, the motion to approve the agenda with the amendments was
passed unanimously
There was a unanimous motion approving of the April Minutes
Update from the Metropolitan Police Department
Representative regarding the proposed Murals DC program located at 644-646 Rock Creek
Church Road, NW
PEPCO Update on Columbia Heights Infrastructure Upgrades
Official Business
Quarterly Report from October –December 2013 Passed 8-0-0
Proposed Budget Changes Passed 9-0-0
Grant Application-Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets (Boese) 8-0-1
Letter of Support for the Family Place (3309 16th Street, NW) (K. Holmes) Passed 9-0-0
Letter of Support for Freecyle Party at Civic Plaza (Flynn) Passed 9-0-0
Settlement Agreement, Le Caprice DC Café Bakery (3460 14th Street, NW) (Wright-Smith)
Passed 9-0-0
Curb cut application (3035 15th Street, NW) (Swank) Passed 9-0-0
Resolution in Support of Landmark Nomination for Park View Christian Church/Trinity A.M.E.
Zion Church (625 Park Road, NW) (B. Holmes/Boese) Passed 9-0-0
Letter of Support for Landmark Nomination for Hebrew Home for the Aged (1125-1131 Spring
Road) (Flynn) Passed 8-0-1
Resolution in Support of disposition of Square 2892, Lot 105 Owned by the District of Columbia
(B. Holmes) Passed 9-0-0
Chairman Boese adjourned the meeting at 8:48 pm